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BEER: The Ultimate DIY

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BEER: The Ultimate DIY

I've been a home brewer ever since I got a Coopers DIY Beer Kit for my 21st birthday, but only in the last few years have I moved to making the stuff from scratch. I'm talking crushed grain, hops, the whole shebang.



DISCLAIMER 1: This is the process that *I* use to make beer, by no means is it the only way to do it.


DISCLAIMER 2: I've only been doing this for about 18 month, and couple that with a young family, this is only my 7th batch, so I've still got a lot to learn.



In this post I'm going to run through how a typical brew-day for me works, and maybe hint at the processes down the track.


The technique I use is BIAB (Brew in a Bag), and is a simplified version of the traditional 3 Vessel system that only requires a single vessel and heat source. BIAB systems can be purchased ready to go (ie GrainFather, RoboBrew) or, as is typical for homebrewing, you can DIY up your own system, which is the way I went.




So, lets get started, shall we.


I'll break this into a number of posts to make it easier to read (and write too).

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Re: PART 5

How's your home brew going this year @Mick0s? I'm determined to get a set-up going of my own before the end of the year.

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