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Best way to hang things in Colorbond shed?

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Best way to hang things in Colorbond shed?

Hi community!

Just got a new shed and trying to figure out the best way to attach things to the walls. The main things that need to go up are:

Large boards to hang bikes from

Folding washing line


Long timber lengths in the roof space area


My current thoughts are

Square steel tube bolted to the vertical uprights from which I can attach boards and things to (if yes, what size and thickness would be ok for this?). Also a horizontal piece running across the shed for the wood supports in the roof space


A timber piece screwed into the top horizontal support, then attach thing from it


Are these ok ideas? Any better ones out there? I don't want to put holes in the outer skin of the shed




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Re: Best way to hang things in Colorbond shed?

Hello @gn


Thanks for sharing that question about hanging things in your shed. Although using steel is preferable, using timber is a much easier option when it comes to screwing things into it. You can trim timber so that it fits exactly between the steel posts. You can add timber sheets to the timber frame, again a much easier option when joining things together.


I recommend measuring the steel post and looking at the closest timber piece that will work like a horizontal frame for any timber board you'll be mounting. I suggest using Zenith Galvanised Countersunk Head Metal Screw in combination with angle brackets.


Let me tag our experience members @Adam_W, @Chaks_DIY and @TedBear for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: Best way to hang things in Colorbond shed?

Hi @gn , I agree with @EricL that it's much easier and convenient to hang things onto wood than steel. I lined most of my steel shed with white melamine coated board. (12mm from memory).  Relatively cheap and easy to work with.  I started by laying timber strips along the top of the steel horizontals, attaching them with a few small c. s. screws  just to keep them in place. They are then sandwiched in place when the wall boards are firmly screwed to them. The tops I screwed directly into the horizontal steel with long thin screws. The main load is on the horizontal centres, but that is mostly just to keep the boards upright. I used right angle plastic strips to sit the bottoms on, to stop moisture rising from the floor and damaging the wall boards. I also put vertical timber (pine or melamine off cuts) behind the vertical joins, so the boards don't warp where they join each other.

That way I can hang  things pretty much where I want,  get better light reflection and some temperature insulation as well. 

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