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Bunnings drive-through timber: How does it work?

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Bunnings drive-through timber: How does it work?

What is the process of going through the Bunnings Drive Through Timber section? Do you just drive in, pick up what you need and drive through a checkout on the way out? Do you have to be a tradie? What else is in this mysterious section of Bunnings that not all venture into? What am I missing out on? I'm a bit embarrassed to ask having never done it before and the Bunnings website says nothing about it in the In Store Services section! 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Bunnings Drive Through Timber, How does it work.

Hi @Stuardo,


I'll be able to dispel some mysteries surrounding the Bunnings Drive-Through as I spent many years working within one. 


From my experience, the most efficient method would be to park in the car park, walk into the store and out into the Drive-Through, select your goods and have a team member input them into our system for you. You can then grab anything else you need in the store, have a browse or a coffee and then head to a register. Once there, the team member will recall your goods from the system and process your transaction. When you've returned to your car, pull it into the Drive-Through (The boom gate automatically opens for you, and it's a great opportunity to impress the kids with the ole' "Open sesame" trick). A team member will assist you in loading your vehicle, and you can drive to the exit gate. We'll then quickly check your receipt and buzz you out. 


This is just my suggestion about the best way to do it and is heavily swayed by my own personal shopping experiences. You are more than welcome to drive directly into the Drive-Through if that suits you better. Transactions are done at the registers and not at the exit gate. The closest register to the Drive-Through will be our Trade Counter. You do not have to be a tradie to use this counter or the Drive-Through. 


I'd encourage everyone to have a browse in the Drive-Through next time they are in store. You'll find that some of our most knowledgeable team members reside there, and they would be more than happy to assist with timber selection and your projects.


I hope that answers some of your questions.




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Re: Bunnings Drive Through Timber, How does it work.

Thank you @MitchellMc ,


I will boldly go forth into the Drive-through and select the finest pieces of timber for my next project.




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