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Electric mulcher


Electric mulcher

Hi - I am thinking of buying an electric mulcher such as the ryobi 2400watt electric mulcher as I have multiple trees with c.5cm diameter branches that need removing every year....

Anyone got experience of these mulcher's, I am not sure if I will be spending all my time unblocking or if it would make light work of the job?

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: electric mulcher

Welcome to the Workshop community @cripsey. It's great to have you join us and I'd be happy to assist with your question!


There are two different models of 2400W Ryobi electric mulchers available, they each have their own features and benefits, and I have experience using both of them on a variety of materials.


Ryobi 2400w Crushing Shredder- This unit has a barrel inside with multiple blades. Once the branches are inserted it draws them down by itself into the machine, this allows you to leave the machine and grab the next bunch to put in. It is proficient at mulching bunches of small branches between 0.5cm and 4.5cm thick. This machine shreds at a constant medium pace speed and audibly is very quiet for a mulcher.


Ryobi 2400w Electric Mulching Shredder- This unit has a plate inside with two blades. Once the branches are inserted it is required for you to then push them down into the machine. The machine is proficient at chipping dry branches between 0.5cm - and 4.5cm of thickness.  The machine chips dry branches extremely fast and audibly is loud due to the cutting mechanism.


If you are predominantly mulching 0.5cm - 4.5cm green branches I would highly recommend the Ryobi 2400w Crushing Shredder. You will find the process far easier having the machine feed itself. You should seldom find the need to unblock the machine and it will make light work of the job. This machine is also designed to crush palm fronds, the most fibrous plant material found in many gardens, this feature is a great indicator that your plant material will rarely block the machine.


If you need further advice or had questions about these shredders, please let me know.




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