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Everything old is new again.

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Everything old is new again.

Went searching fora combination square and had an @AndrewJones moment.


The Stanley #1 Odd Jobs was a tool produced by the Stanley Works from 1888 to the 1930s. It combined features of sundry tools, in a single pocketable tool.

The name Odd Jobs denotes that the tool does many kinds of sundry tool roles. Its closest cousin among common, modern tools, is the combination square, which shares with the Odd Job the functions of scribing, squaring, level/plumb, and the sliding and locking precision steel ruler. However, the Odd Jobs still has some unique functions in its total package, including the compass, and compensated gauging.

Although Stanley cease production of the Odd Job in the 1930s, the Garrett Wade tool company revived the tool in 1996, and currently produces Odd Jobs according to the original Stanley design. Woodpeckers also made their take on it.


Will let Dave explain it.




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Re: Everything old is new again.

Maybe we should have a discussion about the oldest tool in our toolboxes...


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