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Garden shed assembly

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Garden shed assembly

Last year I was really in two minds whether to buy a shed or not. We had just finished our home renovations and had a small collection of tools plus the mower with the other garden tools to store away.

I remember my Dad's old shed, and it was a collection of metal held together by rusty screws and some duct tape. After doing some research and reading the reviews, there are some many sheds you can choose from. I ended getting a shed 2.5m x 2.5m and went for the gable model, which was the right size. Putting it together was more challenging than I thought, and I already had most of the tools from doing the home renovations.

Here are my tips
1) Read the instructions carefully and check they sent you everything, then separate the parts together according to size.
2) Layout all the panels and mark the positions where you need to screw in. You will need to join the metal panels together. 
3) Each panel is joined at the rib; the trick is to have support underneath when you drill the self-tapping screws through both pieces. I used a piece of wood and aligned it underneath the rib. It does take some practice, just hold the power drill securely and apply downward force. When the tapping screws "bite" it will secure both pieces.
4) Check that the screw has gone through both panels, if it hasn't, adjust your support underneath by moving it closer to the screw. Continue to screw in until it bites into the second panel.
5) I assembled each panel at a time and took my time. Be careful at the corners and make sure everything is aligned before you fix in the screws.
6) Once all the panels are done, go inside the house, open up the first aid kit and bandage all the superficial cuts you will get from handling the metal sheets. I did try wearing gloves, but it didn't give me the control I needed. The gloves were great when I had to arrange the panels, but took them off when drilling.

You will need a partner to help you assemble the walls. I cannot imagine how you can do this alone. I attached the walls first, and then the roof panels, with the door panel last to go on. Also, think about where your shed will go, I think it can enhance your backyard if you can place it in the right location.


It has been six months, and I am happy with our shed, it keeps all the tools safe and dry during the wet summer we just had.




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Re: Garden Shed Assembly

Many thanks for sharing your experience and the detailed notes @Nham.


I trust the shed will shelter your tools from the elements and keep them in tip-top condition for many years to come.


Great job.




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Re: Garden shed assembly

Thanks for all the tips @Nham .    I think it was wise doing yourself (despite the first aid kit usage.... but the stuff in them needs replacing after a while if it isn't used anyway. They are a DIY necessity.)

Maybe Bunnings could promote &/or support First Aid courses for customers.... prizes, discounts perhaps???. 


I bought a small shed many years ago, with "free" installation included and decided to just let the professionals do it.

They chose the spot (that suited their needs, not mine as it turned out) and proceeded to blast the neighbourhood with radio sounds of their choosing too while they assembled it.   It was like having vandals invade that you pay for!   

After the first rains I found out that their selected spot was the lowest point in the garden, so we had a small indoor pool for a while. 

So in the end the free installation required me having to move the shed to where it should have been (your tip about the right location is important!). And without me blasting the neighbourhood with sound. (I use headphones... better quality music and some ear protection from machinery too - and now with Bluetooth, I can hear when my phone rings and keep working during the call.)

So, good job on you doing it yourself and on sharing your experience with us here.


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