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Glue and finishes caddy

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Glue and finishes caddy

Trying to get a shed or workshop so that it is organised and efficient is a major project all by itself.


To this end, when I realised that I had glues and adhesives in three different places, I decided that it was time to consolidate them.


I had a scrap piece of film-faced 17mm plywood so I cut out a piece for the base and one for the handle/divider.


I marked the centreline of the base and drilled and countersunk some holes, then using my kerfmaker, I cut a dado into the top of the base part.


I rounded off the top corners of the handle part with a jigsaw and cut four holes of two different sizes in the top centre as a finger grip.


Then I proceeded to totally mess things up with a roundover bit in my router. A roundover bit has a bearing that lets it run along the edge of a piece of wood while "rounding over" the top edge. Unfortunately, if you then turn the wood over, that rounded over edge is no longer available for the bearing to ride along while you process the other edge. Stuff got cray! The handle holes look ok from one side and hugely carved away on the other. More practice and thinking is required!


I could have started that part again, but it's only shop furniture so I kept going.


I clamped a couple of try-squares onto the base and glued, brad nailed and then screwed the base onto the handle/divider part.


The next stage was cutting the sides to size and gluing and stapling them in position. I used a small square of plywood (with the film face removed from one side for gluing purposes) as reinforcements for the corner. 


I have shown here the "glues" side populated with different adhesives and gluing implements. The other side is awaiting jars and cans of finishes as well as some brushes etc.



Empty caddy showing atrocious routing attempts!Empty caddy showing atrocious routing attempts!


Detail of corner reinforcement.Detail of corner reinforcement.


Propane and propane accessories. No wait…Propane and propane accessories. No wait…


This space intentionally blank.This space intentionally blank.


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