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How to fix shed which is rusting?

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How to fix shed which is rusting?




We have a shed which is rusted at the bottom as shown in attached pic.

Due to which water gets inside shed when there is rain.

please suggest if there is any solution to fix the rusted metal so water doesn’t get in.

Appreciate your Help.


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Re: Fixing shed which is rusted at certain areas

Hi @approachmhn 


Nothing short of  replacing the sheets will fix the rust.


But if if you dig away out side soil away from the shed   make a  small ditch

Use  some plastic sheeting (Like shown  below)  from inside the shed  along the bottom sticking out the bottom outside from under the metal sheeting and bury the plastic edge in the little  trench it will  repel water  for many years to come. and wont cost you much money  now to fix one day the metal sheets will become to rusty to patch.  If the plastic inside sags  simply spot liquid nails it  to the shed  wall.

 Hope this helps


Cagroup 230mm x 30m x 500um Plascourse

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix shed which is rusting?

Hi @approachmhn,


It's great to see that @Jewelleryrescue has been assisting.


The first step is to pull the soil back from the sheeting and inspect the edge. Having the soil piled up against the shed has caused a moist environment and accelerated the rusting process. Once you pull back the soil and take a closer look at the panel's bottom edge, we'll be able to assess whether water is gaining access to the inside under the sheets or if the sheets themselves have holes in them. 


For the moment, I'd apply rust converter to the areas and then spray over them with Dy-Mark 400g MetalPro Zinc Gal. Check the bottom edge of the sheets and view this helpful guide: How to waterproof a shed floor.


As @Jewelleryrescue mentioned, if the sheets have rusted away entirely at the bottom, then there are limited options to resolve the issue.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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Re: How to fix shed which is rusting?

@MitchellMc @Jewelleryrescue  Thank you very much for the detailed response.

i will try this weekend and post it here.


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