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How to organise all my drill bits

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How to organise all my drill bits

My local MAKEROOM guy came to my aid . Nigel had the same problem of storing all your bits in one easy to get place. And an easy way to sort themas the numerals their size tend to be very difficult to read for some of us. He made. Colourful face plates for each drawer with the size label on it and then drilled a hole through each so you could test by poking the bit in. So I embraced his project he had designed on a laser cutter. (Wish I had one)


After some negotiation Nigel produced me several hundred pieces 133 cut pieces I glued all the finger joints and WOW a real strong box and strong little drawers.  The other day I realised one could similar using storage units from Bunnings and simply drill a hole in the front with each drill bit and label them such as this one. Not as macho as Nigels 


Feel free to tell me I’m crazy 😜 B015A5C0-C4AB-42CB-AA4F-EE8A11847769.jpeg7425C0D7-8C3F-490A-A5F1-E57D1ACD601A.jpeg

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Re: How to organise all my drill bits


Nice box set with lovely dowel finish.

I like it!!



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