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How to remove a screw with a destroyed head

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How to remove a screw with a destroyed head

Didn't think it would work, but tremendous success today in removing a wood screw with a destroyed head. I think my failure in the past has been to use a smaller gauge extractor than required? It beautifully cuts a reverse thread - and out it came, even with a cheap Stanley impact driver.  😁


I'm now a believer.




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Re: How to remove a screw with a destroyed head

Hi @Noyade


Thanks for sharing that bit of D.I.Y. extraction. It's always good to see that the extraction bit really works.




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Re: How to remove a screw with a destroyed head

Extraction of a different kind.


The white hollow threaded section of a broom handle snapped off at the broom head. I found the remainder difficult to extract with various tools and risked damaging the black internal thread.

Anger intruded and then tried a make or break approach.

I located a bolt slightly bigger than the internal diameter of the white section and heated it up with a MAPP gas torch - and inserted it. Hot internal gasses kept trying to expel it so I eventually kept it in place using a vice.

Let it cool.

Liberal WB 40 applied between the white and black plastic.


Then unscrew the bolt - with the broken piece firmly attached.

I was rather chuffed.

Thanks for looking.



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