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How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?

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How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?


I have a few items in the van that I need to unload to put in my garage while I am renovating. Those are pretty heavy 200kgs +, and bulky: 900x900x900... They were loaded using a pallet stacker at the warehouse where I purchased it.

the van is a toyota hiace with the back door opening upward. I cant have access to a stacker or a forklift here. BUT I do have an engine hoist crane handy (Thanks to my neighbour). Was thinking to rig those to the crane, lift them and drive the van away then move the load down onto a trolley to move away...

Question is what kind of slings or equipment would be the best to rig safely. And is there any specific method to rig it so it is totally secured when lifting and lowering?





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Re: How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?

Afternoon @yannrandri 

So many times my mates and I have tried figuring out how to get something heavy and large home :smile:

I like your thinking to using the engine hoist lift with straps to lift the oven.

heavy lifting equipment lifting slings is what I just looked up but you will know the best size to go around and under the oven (I wa sthinking anything that is rated 300kg plus)


Another way you could try is to find a sturdy table/bench or make a flat top area up so you can slide the oven out towards you (use a flat board times 2 maybe and have very little flex in it so the wieght dosnt bend the flat board.) then use the enginge hoist to lift and then lower the oven onto a trolley?





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Re: How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?

Interestingly I thought about a platform and trying to slide the oven out. Though I may have to do a few time this exerceise so was thinking of the hoist to save my back.


I can see the slings would be quite strong, that would definitely do it. Though I am wondering how to position the slings under and around the load so nothing is shifting. Is there any special technic? 



Re: How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?


Kind of but mostly its just a learned process while strapping it up (Never really been trained I must admit)

Things to be aware of tho that I have found.

Compression points with straps over the top.

Straps slipping while lifting (I generally will try putting the straps around the corner of an object so they dont slip)

Sharp edges (caution as a nick in the sling is a write off)


Because you are trying to lift it from inside the van there will be a lot of compression on the sling at the top, one reason id try sliding it out and then lifting it before lowering. Its an extra step yeah but may be worth it to save having to use your back.

You could lift one corner using the engine hoist and slip something that slides underneath, so you can get it out of the van.


Just discussing your issue with one of the guys at work :smile: He has suggested a straight bar with a U in the middle (L shape) that is wider then the width of the oven and then loop the straps down to each corner of the pallet if its still sitting on a pallet. If its not on a pallet then you could use the same set up with the loops over the corners.



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?

Hello @yannrandri 


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Dave-1. Just to add to the suggestions made, I recommend using cardboard for the corners where the straps will be compressing onto. I often used this when strapping my kitchen deliveries and the only way to protect them was to use folded cardboard on the corners. Using the heavy equipment slings is definitely the way to go.


Let me call on our experienced members @TedBear, @JoeAzza, @MikeTNZ and @CSParnell for their recommendations.




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Re: How to rig slings to lift items of a van with a crane?

Hi @yannrandri, there are, trolleys on wheels that have a raisable platform, I'm not sure if Bunnings sell these.

Effectively what they are is a platform on a trolley, that has a hydraulic ram that you pump up with your foot to the same level as the deck of your van.

You then slide the item onto the trolley and then take it from there.


You could also try hiring such a thing.

It is called a hydraulic lifting trolley, they are normally rated at around 250-300 kg.


I hope this helps you out.


Mike T.

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