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Plunge router

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Plunge router

My dad recently gave me his unused/unopened ryobi plunge router. Just a 1 HP unit. Ive been researching on making a routing table for it. A lot of the videos I have come across appear that the routers have removable bases for attachment under the table, the one I have does not have this option-which I think would make it difficult when wanting to change the bits. 

My question is- are all plunge routers able to be under table mounted ? 

The router my dad gave me is from the 90's 

thanks for any advice

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Re: Plunge router

G'day @fishingfan.
I would've thought all plunge routers were capable of being under-table mounted. Those generic tables you see at Bunnings or Aldi have a universal clamping system - or so I thought. I know GMC did.
Are you saying the videos show the plunging mechanism being removed? I can't figure why for as you say that's the whole point of adjusting the depth of cut and being able to remove/replace the router bit. I have in the past disassembled the plunging mechanism but only to remove the springs (less resistance when adjusting depth). Some matching tables/routers (same brand) ask for that plastic shoe surface to be removed and the screw holes are then perfectly aligned with the table top. If you're making your own table I thought the same process would be applied.

I'd love to see a photo of your router (that sounds kinda weird).

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