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Shed to Home

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Shed to Home



I thought I'd upload a thread on how we renovated a shed into our home.

In July my partner and I decided we would convert my mother inlaws 6x9 colourbond shed into a home and move in mid October so that we can save faster to buy the property.

Due to the property being 45 mins from where we are living and work commitments we have only had Saturday and Sundays to work on the shed.

The first month or so we had to empty years and years of what we called rubbish. Over a ton of old paint was stored in there. (that was fun trying to find a tip that would allow us to dump that much paint) The amount of rubbish was crazy. The first day we did 5 trips to the tip.

Once it was empty we started the process of cleaning out the gutters and gurneying the roof and interior walls.

The shed after all of the rubbish was disposed of.The shed after all of the rubbish was disposed of.This is the floor after all the dust was blown off it.This is the floor after all the dust was blown off it. IMG_2420.JPG


Once we washed the concrete with acid wash we realised we still had to store the ride on mower in the shed until a later date, so we couldn't paint the concrete just yet.

The following weekend we hired a digger and dug out a trench from the shed to under the house. We installed the conduit and cables ourselves as luckily my partner is a directional driller so he knew what he was doing and it cut a large cost from our bill from the sparky. Once the electricity cables were installed we started the insulation and sheeting for the ceiling.

Now, we didn't have that much money to start this project so we had to compromise and just not use battens to hold the insulation in.

This made the ceiling so much harder to do. It took us 2.5 days to install all of the insulation and ply sheets to the ceiling. We had to  install a panel of ply and then put the insulation in 1 panel at a time. We tried hacks as to how to hold the insulation in place but none worked.

We used 12mm plywood so its safe to say our arms and calf muscles were like jelly by the Sunday afternoon as it was just myself and my partner doing it. The back of my legs were so bruised from leaning on the ladder while holding the ply above my head. But my god that feeling of relief and excitement after the ceiling was done was next level. I'm so proud of us both as neither of us have any experience in building.


Last weekend we started the bottom of the walls as we only had a few hours on the Sunday to do anything with the shed.


We have probably installed the walls the hard way but it's what has worked for us. We cut the ply to fit the bottom panel and then install a batten at the top of the wall to screw the top half to.

Tomorrow we are off to finish up the shed by installing the rest of the walls and insulation. Then we will be installing the new front door, and on Sunday we will be painting the concrete.
Hopefully everything runs smooth as we have to move in next Friday!

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Re: Shed to Home

Looking forward to seeing the next update @breepbreep

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