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Sheet goods and offcuts rack (with request for advice at the end).

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Sheet goods and offcuts rack (with request for advice at the end).

So yesterday I used my assembly and outfeed table to build a surfboard.


Hang ten!Hang ten!

But it was a crappy surfboard, so today I turned it into a sheet goods and offcut rack.


Wide viewWide view

Closer viewCloser view


This is essentially a dry-fit, the racks are just sitting on the surfboard base and are held together by brads. Eventually it will be glued and screwed.


Sizes: Base, 1500mm x 550mm. Length supports a sheet on its side with some overhang. Random height from the ground because of the castors (which are probably going to have to be beefed up)


Racks: Rear - 1200mm high. Same as a full sheet on its side. 900mm wide. Fits 1/3rd of a sheet. Half sheets will have to stay at the back.

Middle divider - 570mm high, still 900mm wide

Front face - 400mm high, 560mm wide


Each nook is 140mm deep. Space at the rear is ~220mm which will fit ten or eleven 17mm or 19mm sheets. This would (a) cause the castors to collapse, and (b) bankrupt me!


There will also be a lip glued and screwed to the rear of the surfboard to stop any sheets sliding off.



Any design suggestions?


Should the racks be in the middle or off to one side for some reason? eg this might make it easier to steer.


Should the racks be snugged up to the front of the surfboard or is there any benefit to having some space there?


I'm thinking of adding storage for long skinny pieces, eg dowel on one or both sides of the racks. Perhaps using 100mm or 150mm PVC pipe. Some of this pipe might do nicely.


I'm really going to have to upgrade the castors, aren't I? I'm currently using these which are a magnificent $10 per set. I might just buy another set and make it an eight-wheeler!


Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Re: Sheet goods and offcuts rack (with request for advice at the end).

Ok, so I put it all together pretty much the same as modeled.

I had to ease the superstructure back the thickness of the framing (30mm) so I could get screws into the front panel.


This has been a marvellous success already. I no longer have anywhere near as much in the way of sheet goods and offcuts! :wink:

I still need to sort out the dowel aka 'long skinny bits' storage and something for those tiny 'come in handy' bits.


Wood rackWood rack

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