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Morning project - Weights rack

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Morning project - Weights rack

My son had his dumbells rolling around his bedroom (as teens do), that gave me the .... (as parents do).


I saw this caddy on the net:


Final goalFinal goal

I then thought: "I can do that" (as engineers do)


So I went to Bunnings, got a 900x600x16 MDF piece (or something like that) and got on with it.


First I cut the board in half, clamped the two halves and screwed them together, then placed the dumbells on it to get a feel for the spacing and drew the shape I wanted to cut. With holesaws I cut the saddles where the weights rest, then with a jigsaw I cut the rest.


The result is not quite simmetrical but it's something only the maker or a close inspection would know about. Few pieces of leftover studs became the "spacers" sandwiched in the middle and an old piece of rope became the handle.


When assembled and with weights positioned it seemed a bit unstable, so I found a scrap of 6 mm MDF board just big enough to become a supplementary base. Now the inside is painted, when have some spare time the outside will also be a nice white.


It all fits nicely in the rather small bedroom, in between the curtains; it also works well as a door stop, but if I were to use it on the floorboards, I'd probably put some felt pads underneath to take up some slight wonkyness of the base piece.


Make the mess outsideMake the mess outsideThat will doThat will doTestingTestingFinal productFinal product 

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Re: Morning project - Weights rack

Excellent job @Rolando. Many thanks for sharing. 


I'm sure there will be other community members keen to build something similar. 




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