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Space-saving folding workbench

Making a Splash

Space-saving folding workbench

The Amazing Folding Workbench for Small Workshops. A surprisingly easy project that is a great solution for small work spaces where a static workbench is not suitable as it takes up to much room. Every DIY enthusiast needs a workbench and now there isn’t an excuse not to have one especially if you are like me and only have a single car garage. Head on over to my DIY For Knuckleheads YouTube Channel for the Easy to Follow Step by Step Tutorial 👍😁


17mm Black Formply x 1:  2400mm x 1200mm


90mm x 42mm Dressed All Round Pine. 3 x 2.4m. The reason l chose this is that it is generally blemish and knot free so looks better and can be painted easily:


150mm Strap Hinges x 4:


70mm Butt Hinges x 8: I used polished silver hinges but l reckon these black ones would look pretty cool:


Cabin Hook:


75mm Casters with Brakes x 4:



7 1/4" Makita Circular Saw:

Makita Cordless Drill:

Makita Orbit Sander:

10 Gauge Macsim Countersinking Bit:

Empire Speed Square:

Makita Trim Router:


Step 1

Cut the pieces and assemble the two end frames. It's pretty important to get these exactly the same as they need to fold neatly in together.


Folding Workbench 1.jpgFolding Workbench 3.jpgFolding Workbench 2.jpgFolding Workbench 4.jpg

Step 2

Patch all the holes and imperfections with Spacfilla.

Apply an undercoat and then follow that up with two coats of gloss black enamel.


Folding Workbench 8.jpgFolding Workbench 9.jpg

Step 3

Cut the pieces of Formply for the folding arms. A great way to get these nice and straight is to clamp a straight edge to the formply and run your saw up against it. Of course if you have a table saw you can always use that. Once the pieces have been cut it's time to assemble and connect to the two end frames.


Folding Workbench 5.jpgFolding Workbench 6.jpgFolding Workbench 10.jpgFolding Workbench 11.jpgFolding Workbench 12.jpgFolding Workbench 14.jpgFolding Workbench 15.jpgFolding Workbench 16.jpgFolding Workbench 17.jpg

Step 4

Give the folding arms a test. As you can tell from my facial expressions l was pretty surprised by how well it all folded together!


Folding Workbench 18.jpgFolding Workbench 19.jpg

Step 5

With the frame now complete it's time to cut the formply for the top. I've added some thickness to the edge of the bench top by screwing a strip of formply to the underside of the bench top.


Folding Workbench 21.jpgFolding Workbench 22.jpgFolding Workbench 23.jpgFolding Workbench 24.jpg

Step 6

With a router or even some sandpaper, chamfer the edges of the benchtop to get rid of the sharp edge.


Folding Workbench 25.jpg

Step 7

Make up the stabiliser blocks for the folding arms. These prevent the arms from folding in and keep the arms straight.


Folding Workbench 27.jpgFolding Workbench 26.jpg

Step 8

Attach the wheels to the underside of the end frames. One word of advice is to offset the wheels. As you can see in the photo, l originally didn't do that causing the wheels to occasionally clash when when wheeling it away which was a little annoying. I have since offset the wheels and it now works a lot better 👍


Folding Workbench 28.jpg


Step 9

As you can see it folds up to a very slim and tidy 180mm which is small enough to even store inside a cupboard when not in use!


Folding Workbench 29.jpg

Step 10

And here is the finished product!


Folding Workbench 30.jpgFolding Workbench 31.jpg

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: The Amazing Space Saving, Folding Workbench!

What a sensational project and directions @DIY4Knuckleheds


I'm sure many of our members with a limited workspace will appreciate this practical design. 


Many thanks for sharing and good luck in the D.I.Y. July competition.




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Re: The Amazing Space Saving, Folding Workbench!

Thanks Mitchell 😁 Glad you liked it mate and l can't wait to check out all the entries.


Shane 👍😁🇦🇺

Home Improvement Guru

Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Morning @DIY4Knuckleheds 

Thats a nice looking table! I could do with one at home as I am constantly having to shift things around due to space lol

I do like how solid that table top looks.



Becoming a Leader

Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Hi DIY4knuckleheads...


What I brilliant idea.!! That's something that a lot of DIYers would find very useful if they have limited work space..


Very well set out and good explanatory photos..


Good luck with your project..



Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Cheers Prof! Yeah it works really well mate and is surprisingly easy to make. A lot of us have very limited workspaces so it's perfect for that. It's also a good  to have if you are ever entertaining and need an extra table.



Shane 👍😁🇦🇺

Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Appreciate that Dave! Glad you liked it mate. It is perfect for those of us with limited space which is becoming more of an issue these days 👍


Bunnings also seems to have a plentiful supply of the black formply which is also good. I love the look of the stuff and it's mostly straight which is a bonus.


Shane 👍😁🇦🇺


Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Hi @DIY4Knuckleheds (Shane)


As usual your creations are always amazing! I've seen these designs from various sites and have always wondered what it would take to make with local materials. 


Thanks for sharing such a fantastic project.




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Re: Space-saving folding workbench

Thanks Eric 😁 Yeah mate, Bunnings certainly have the products for the project. I used your black 17mm Formply and it was perfect....highly recommend the stuff. It looks great and is always nice and straight 👍



Shane 👍😁🇦🇺

Re: Space-saving folding workbench


And now I want to go to Bunnings! lol I am forcing myself not to, so I can save to buy some timber for my handrails :smile:



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