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When the best of intentions leads to disaster

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When the best of intentions leads to disaster

When my son's wife got fed up with his complaining about the dull blade in his Stanley Knife, she decided to go and get him some new ones. Not knowing how many he would need, she purchased the largest pack on the shelf. Fifty blades. Although greatful he quickly realised that an average blade life usually lasted him for two years. Knowing that he would not need a one hundred year supply of blades he decided to give me half of the pack. I too would only go through one blade every couple of years so my wife suggested we give some to our son in law. We did this and all was fine until a couple of weeks later when he sliced through his hand with a new blade. It was so bad, he needed an ambulance to take him to hospital. Upon hearing this I was concerned, as Stanley Knives have always been considered a safe tool for most cutting jobs around the workshop. I went to our local hospital to collect him up after he had his hand stitched up. My first question was,"how did it happen"?  Awkwardly he explained that he did not have a Stanley knife in which to fit the blade, so he used adhesive tape to attach it to a piece of timber. "It worked fine at first" he said, "but then it slipped". I took him home and helped clean up the mess in his kitchen where the first aid kit was located. It looked like a crime scene from one of those television dramas. A couple of days later I called around to see him and gave him a brand new Stanley Knife........ and a packet of bandaids. That was ten years ago, and we can laugh about it now, but every time someone buys him any sort of tool it has become standard to include a packet of bandaids.        

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Re: When the best of intentions leads to disaster

Oh dear, many thanks for sharing this cautionary tale @casper1


Safety first Workshop members! If you ever need advice before tackling a project, please let us know and take care out there.




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