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Adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

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Adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

Hi Workshoppers,


Earlier I started the below thread on the same topic, but wanted to add a project diary to share my fix.


In the end it involved a little more than sticking a pitchfork into the lawn over and over, in an attempt to aerate.  When the first pitchfork entry sunk effortlessly all the way down the forks without resistance I knew I had a bigger issue.  New drainage and connection to existing grated drains meant this project was beyond me.


It was time to call in the experts - here are the photos 


Photo 1 - The before shot. Muddy mess, drainage lines marked.



Photo 2 - drainage channels being dug out. Left end is shallow, right end is deeper - water will drain to an existing draining point



Photo 3 - Agi pipe with a filter sock laid into drainage channels



Photo 4 - Intersection of pipes as they lead around to the existing drainage pit




Photo 5 - Agi pipe / filter sock shallow end 




Photo 6 - with agi pipe laid, drainage gravel poured into the channels and top soil spread across the top. 




Photo 7 - freshly laid turf and the finished product.  We decided to lay turf above existing ground level so that the grass level was flush with edge of patio.

Previously the patio floor sat about two inches higher than the grass.


Kids now pace back and forward on the patio trying to work out how to get to the trampoline!  :hysterical:



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Project diary - adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

Great project @Ben. Many thanks for sharing. I'm sure this will inspire and inform other community members in the future. 



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Re: Adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

Hi Ben, 

May I asked when you said you called out the experts, who did the job for you? Are they landscaper or plumber? I may have same issue but it is for the ground under the subfloor that seems to be muddy or wet. Not surenif the same solution can be applied to my case. I was told that my case will require plumber to fix.

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Community Manager

Re: Adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

Hi @Lime,


Let me tag @Ben for you so he is alerted to your question as it's been a while since he shared this project. 


The wonderful @Adam_W might also be able to share his thoughts on how to tackle your problem.






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Re: Adding drainage to fix a muddy lawn, and returfing

Hi @Lime, apologies for the delay in getting to you.
So when you say sub-floor I assume you mean under your house?

Those are sort of tricky situations as to who is most appropriate to deal with it.
The issue is that a good landscaper knows a lot about drainage but may not be across drainage in relation to house footings etc.

Sometimes the best solution is to actually find the source - where is the water coming from? Is it rising up through the soil from below or is it flowing to under the house from somewhere else.
If it's ending up there from outside then the simpler solution may in-fact be to install drainage outdoors to stop it ever getting there in the first place.
The other thing is that if there is no obvious external source sometimes wet areas like that under the house can actually be an indication of a broken or leaking pipe - storm-water or sewer - in which case it is really a plumbing type of job.

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