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DIY easy frog hotel

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DIY easy frog hotel

Create a charming sanctuary for your amphibian friends with this beginner friendly DIY Frog Hotel project. The project not only enhances your outdoor space but also provides a safe and inviting environment for frogs to thrive. 




Step 1

Start by cutting the 90mm PVC Pipe to your preferred length and give the edges a good sanding for a smooth touch. Then, simply pop the PVC Elbow onto the PVC Pipe – it fits snugly, and you can use glue if you want, but honestly, the elbow holds pretty well on its own. This step is all about making sure things look good and stay put, so don't be afraid to trust the elbow to do its job without too much fuss.


Step 2

Get your chosen planter ready for action!




Start by adding a bit of concrete at the bottom, mixing it up with some water. Keep going until you've got a height where the PVC can comfortably fit without sticking out from the sides once everything sets. Your guests need space inside that pipe, this is why we don't just fill it with concrete and place the PVC inside. Once the pipe is in place, add more concrete and water on the outside until you hit your desired height. Quick tip: I went a bit overboard with water (thanks, Queensland weather), and had to drain off the extra after snapping the pic. Just watch out for that in case it's rainy!



Step 3

After letting the molds dry for a day, I was keeping an eye out for that perfect light grey shade. Once satisfied, I simply flipped them over and easily pulled out the molds, ready to be reused for more frog hotels down the line—pretty cool, right?

I was super pleased with how the first two turned out!



Thinking about the frog comfort, I decided that the concrete bottom would be rough for the frogs, so I went for a more frog-friendly vibe by placing three smooth Tuscan white pebbles in each pipe. Gotta make sure they have a cozy spot to chill!

Step 4

Finally, it was planting time! I found two perfect spots, and my not-quite-2-year-old helper eagerly started digging soil from his raised garden bed. Once he dug down enough, we gently placed the Frog Hotel in, making sure it fit just right. Then, we covered the concrete with the soil he dug out, making sure everything was snug and cozy. It was a bit of teamwork, but my gardening assistant did a fantastic job. 



If you're feeling a bit fancy, like we were, throw in a solar light next to your planters. It's not just for show – that light will attract insects for our little froggy buddies to munch on. It's like their own little snack bar! Plus, it adds a nice touch to the whole setup and helps keep things balanced in the backyard ecosystem.

Step 5

And there you have it – we're done! Big thanks to those who've been checking out our Frog Hotels and a shoutout to everyone who shared their own versions inspired by our project. We've already got a bunch of these hotels around our place, and they've really boosted the local Green Tree frog gang. Fingers crossed our new guests will cozy up to these smaller Frog Hotels too, keeping the lively frog symphony going strong every night, especially when it rains.


This whole thing kicked off because my son's turning into a little gardening whiz. He's been lending a hand in the garden, doing his thing. We decided to dedicate one of our Raised Garden Beds just for him to dive into the world of plants. He even picked out some cool ornaments to spruce things up. Now, we're on the lookout for native plants that won't bother our dogs, but will be a hit with the frogs, bees and multiple families of Fariy Wrens.


"Dad, we should totally put some Frog Hotels in""Dad, we should totally put some Frog Hotels in"

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY Easy Frog Hotel

Hi @Remarka6le 


Thank you for sharing the details of your frog hotel project. It looks excellent, I'm sure you'll be getting some residents at the first sign of rain. 


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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