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Gabion wall for front pathway

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Gabion wall for front pathway

As the front yard has a reasonable slope on it from the back gate and front step area I needed to either backfill a large area and then install a retaining wall or support the path.


I decided to make a lower flat area and support the path instead. The intention is to put a timber top to the gabion walls so they can be used as seating and potentially a fire pit in the middle.


I had loads of broken concrete and mortar/concrete mix that I wanted to use and the back of the Gabion cage would be covered by dirt and pavers so it was a perfect way to "get rid" of these. I had managed to score a sheet of mesh from a friend at work 2.4m * 2.4m and that would be perfect for a long low cage that was needed.


  • Steel mesh reclaimed.
  • Reuse broken rocks
  • Clay
  • Steel 3mm fencing wire
  • Grass seed 
  • Plastic edging reused
  • Thin grinder cutting wheels.


  • Shovel
  • Pound hammer (small sledge hammer)
  • Tamp Bar
  • Ratchet straps
  • Pliers
  • Multigrips
  • Grinder
  • Cold chisel



Step 1

The project was on hold as I had run out of enough mesh for the cage. I was lucky enough to reclaim a sheet from work and we used the guillotine to cut it instead of cutting disks for a grinder. Making sure I had it located right before filling was a fidly thing as the pathway and compacted clay was higher then the footing level of the basket.

01 13-08-2022.jpg

I had some small leftover pieces of mesh so decided on two baskets, a shorter length one and a longer one.

02 13-08-2022.jpg

I have shown how the spirals are made in other projects, see (Gabion Wall to stop water ingress to garage )

03 13-08-2022.jpg

The cage went together pretty easily, note - make the spirals around 40cm - 50cm long for ease of installing them.

04 13-08-2022.jpg

You can see the shorter spirals I use, it makes it easy to wind small sections on.

05 13-08-2022.jpg

The white temorary blocks will be removed and the clay at the base leveled.

07 13-08-2022.jpg

Sorting out what type of angle I wanted.

09 13-08-2022.jpg

Dry fitted to the places I wanted the cages to go. 

10 13-08-2022.jpg

Showing the height difference in the ground (Yes thats a paver standing on end to support the cage!). More clay to compact... Fun.

Step 2

Time to level the ground and compact it before I could fill the cages.

11 13-08-2022.jpg

I had to tamp the clay so as to create a firm base for the cage to settle into when full.


12 13-08-2022.jpg

You can see the height of the path verse the baseline of the wall. I wasnt worried about it collapsing as it was all clay that had been packed solid.

14 13-08-2022.jpg

Always make sure the cage is level in both perspectives.

15 13-08-2022.jpg

Happy :smile:

17 13-08-2022.jpg18 13-08-2022.jpg

After I had back filled a LOT. I hadnt realised how much the path sloped until I had to level up the cage.

19 14-08-2022.jpg

Bound for reuse one day :smile:

20 14-08-2022.jpg

All this will be used/shifted as I work my waythrough the job. I really dislike double handling anything.

21 14-08-2022.jpg

Cages in place. Time to fill.

24 14-08-2022.jpg

Taking out the steps and path, what do you find under the 10mm of concrete but more pavers! 

Step 3

I made sure I faced the viewable wall with nice looking concrete (to go with the same style of the large cage next to the garage) I used all the grey and broken bricks on the inside where you cannot see them.

28 17-08-2022.jpg

I didnt have any stay wire when I was filling them, I had forgotten to buy some. So I used some off cuts of mesh instead. I did put stay wires in afterwards tho. (They are used to stop the cages stomach from spreading)

29 17-08-2022.jpg

You can see an offcut being used in the middle to stop the walls bowing.

30 17-08-2022.jpg

The waste pile is getting smaller

32 17-08-2022.jpg

People may see mess, I see resources! Lots of resources!

33 20-08-2022.jpg

It always helps me visualize the job if I sketch it out.

33 20-08-2022b.jpg

This was the first option but decided it was too much effort to backfill with soil.

34 20-08-2022.jpg

Pretty much how it turned out.

35 20-08-2022.jpg

Spot the patio issue... Noted to be done at a later date.

37 20-08-2022.jpg

I used ratchet straps to bring the lid and wall together so I could then spiral them together. The ratches work a dream.

38 20-08-2022.jpg

The cage is full and spiraled together. I use the long nose pliers to grab and rotate the spiral so it twists on. The gloves are essential as your hands will get ripped to shreds from the stones and wire.

39 20-08-2022.jpg

The cage comes together so nicely and on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 3 in effort.

40 20-08-2022.jpg

You may think what has he done? Thats a huge gap to fix up. The Ratchet placed every foot and a half (I only had two) then synced up and using a mallet to tap the stones through the cage. Dont hit hard otherwise you can bend the mesh. Its a gradual process but easy to do. Once the cage is spiraled move down the length and repeat. 

41 20-08-2022.jpg

I generally put the long hook of the ratchet over the top of the cage onto the back wall making sure the strap dosnt go through anything sharp and the short hook half way down the front. Then slowly ratchet it up. This seems to work the best.

42 20-08-2022.jpg

Spiraled! Eventually I will install timber over the top to create a bench style seating.

43 20-08-2022.jpg

Will backfill and widen the pathway.


Step 4

Now that the cages are in place its time to fill behind them. I used the last of my upholstery cloth that was going to be thrown out (You could use geotec cloth instead) to stop fines from entering the basket. 

47 20-08-2022.jpg

This material has come in so handy for stopping fines moving through into the cage.

50 21-08-2022.jpg

All ready to go51 21-08-2022.jpg

Floor edging that is being repurposed, I am using it to be the final edge against the rear of the gabion basket to stop gravel from pushing into the geotec material and then into the basket.

53 21-08-2022.jpg

Edging in place

55 03-09-2022.jpg

Cleaning up, the daisy bush is to be moved tho not sure it will survive the move.

56 04-09-2022.jpg

Moved! and raked 

57 04-09-2022.jpg

Top down look.

Step 5

Last step was sowing some grass seed. I am still unsure of it being grassed/bark chipped or something else (Not pebbles!) I figure we live in a drought prone country so I should be hedging my bets plus I dislike mowing!

59 10-09-2022.jpg

I used some of my pile of topsoil for the last couple of inches of the area.

60 02-10-2022.jpg

Plus brought some golf grass seed, I love the feel underfoot but its going to be pretty much a temp thing I figure.

61 19-10-2022.jpg

Within 10 days!

62 19-10-2022.jpg

I put down a second box's worth at day 10.

63 29-10-2022.jpg

Seriously nice lush green grass :smile: after 20 ish days!

64 29-10-2022.jpg

Really makes a statement but the first week of summer and it was to be no more 😕 lol I could lay down turf but then I would have to mow it....

65 05-11-2022.jpg

Very happy with how this stage worked out. The water dosnt pool, nothing gets muddy to the point of sinking. Only issue is what do I use here to cover the area especially if I put in a firepit.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Hi @Dave-1 


That path looks awesome. In regards to the fire pit, it depends on its size, I suggest using ordinary pavers 600mm x600mm with a timber frame around it to prevent movement. That golf grass is amazing, I was going to suggest putting in a putting green if your keen on golf.


Again, thanks for sharing such a fantastic project.




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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Thank you @EricL 

lol Not a golfer but my grandmother managed to have a section of her back yard with that grass and it was always nice to walk on in bare feet :smile:

The fit pit idea I like. Once I get the patio done and then the bench seats it may firm up what type of firepit or even just a nice grassed area for that summer relax time. I constantly think of new ways of using an area. :smile:



Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Love the Gabion walls Dave. Great way to reuse leftovers mate. The lizards and small wildlife will love the protection. Lawn looks good too !! 😃🌿

Having an Impact

Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Hi @Dave-1,


Great way to add even more curb appeal to your front yard! I am LOVING the grass and may I also say, the flamingos are a great touch. Your thoughtful and hard work has really paid off.


What if you did pavers with greenery in-between for the fire pit area? Kind of a best of both worlds. Something like this:


Tinker_Bell_1-1693520812162.png Tinker_Bell_2-1693520873430.png (Ignore the pebbles 😂)




Home Improvement Guru

Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Good Morning @Tinker_Bell 

Now I like that idea! I seriously do! Especially with the golf grass in between! Thank you I am Keeping that in mind for sure :smile:

The flamingos I picked up from the side of the road :smile: (I belong to a facebook page that posts up the junk piles on the side of the road:) ) lol Not sure why I like them but they really give something bright to the yard. I did accidently decapitate one with the wipper snipper tho :surprised: lol 


I think its because looking after my Grandmothers yard when I was younger she had concrete penguins, mushrooms and a concrete magpie around that I would rearrange every time I mowed. It made it look like a live yard instead of a static yard :smile:



Re: Gabion wall for front pathway

Hey @Dave-1,


I am pleased you like my idea! Even if you decide to go another direction, I know you will create something great. 


Haha - poor flamingo, I am sure the others are on edge now 😉. I love those concrete animals, we have a pelican in our front yard. It was my husband's granny's and she loved it too. 




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