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How to build garden feature screens?

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How to build garden feature screens?

I have finally decided on what to do with the garden bed at the end of the alfresco. As seen in the photo below, the unused space is filled with yukkas and conifers, the yukkas will be removed and replaced with more decking and the trees will be removed and replaced with some feature walls, preferribly lasercut stainless steel and powder coated, supported by 100x100 timber posts, possibly just a nice dressed exterior timber with a merbau stain or something similar.


I haven't quite settled on a layout as yet, I'm messing around with either a full length set of screens since the trees will be gone and we will no longer have that extra bit of privacy, or a series of 2 or 3 panels on either side with the possibility of a large pot with a feature ficus tree or some large-ish tree that I could shape to fill the void, which will close the gap for privacy, and add a little touch of vogue.


The screens would be pretty close to the fence, and I plan to either get some extra tall panels, or get some standard size ones and raise them above the top of the fence to near the guttering which will be about 500mm above the fence like as shown in the design, this would also give me a bit more room to plant underneath too!


I have some questions regarding the basic layout, I've turned off some of the model in this drawing to see the idea more clearly, but you can see the anticipated outcome.





For panels this tall how much post should be concreted in to be sturdy enough not to move, and I really want some nice timber that is straight and have no chance of warping, so what is a suitable timber to use? is there any helpful guide or visual aid to demonstrate the best way to mount these?



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Garden Screens/Feature screens questions

Love the design @TimGeo!


I'd suggest Merbau posts or treated Pine, which could be used if you are looking for something more budget-friendly. If you're planning on concreting them into the ground, then H4-treated Pine would be the way to go. For a non-structural application like this, I'd recommend a quarter of the height of the post in the ground with a 300 x 300mm footer to the depth of the post.


If you were to use the Merbau posts, which are the least likely to warp, they'd need to be mounted above ground in post supports.


Here's a helpful guide: How to set a post.


To mount the screens in between the posts, you might like to attach batons on the posts' side edges. The sheets can then be placed up against the batons and screws used to affix them.


Please let me know if you have questions.




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