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How to create a chicken enclosure?

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How to create a chicken enclosure?

Hi there, 
I have just adopted three rescue hens who are free-range during the day. I would like to have a larger run/enclosure for when no one is home that is also predator-proof if we are out later in the evening. Our coop is a secondhand one - we haven't decided on a 'forever coop' yet but will get an automatic door when we do. 

In one of the many chicken groups I've joined online, it's been suggested that I utilise this undercover space. Some have suggested using temporary fence panels or mesh wire - which sound great but I still don't know how to make it work. I am not a 'handy' person. I hardly own any tools and even if I did, have no idea how to use them - haha. I don't have any 'handy' people in my life and am trying to avoid paying someone which is why I thought I'd come here for advice. 

Area measurements: 3.2L x 3.4W x 2.4H

Any ideas on how I can make this area as predator/pest-proof as possible with my lack of DIY skills?

Many thanks


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How do I turn this space into a chicken run

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @sarahl0u. It's amazing to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about creating a chicken enclosure.


I think your cat enclosure would serve as a reasonable example of how you could complete this work. As a temporary enclosure, you could use bird netting that is attached to the timberwork with Pryda Foil Fix and into the grass with tent pegs. For the concreted area, you'd need to lay some timber for the netting to attach to. Creating a door for this enclosure would likely be the most time-consuming part. To construct a basic door, you'll need to first build a frame and then the door. You'd require at least a handsaw and a drill driver for this.


As a simpler option, you might like to take a look at the Selecta Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty 80cm Animal Enclosure or RapidMesh 2290 x 2290 x 1800mm Chain Link Animal Enclosure for a more permanent solution.


Let me mention one of our resident chook experts, @mich1972, to see if she has any advice.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Re: How do I turn this space into a chicken run

Good morning @sarahl0u Sending you a warm welcome to the Workshop Community and congratulations on becoming a Chicken Mum 🐓🐓 once you adopt Chickens into your life you will always have them in your life. We love our girls, not just for their eggs, they give you beautiful fertiliser and eat / breakdown your kitchen scraps and they are entertaining 😆

I can see what you want to achieve with the area you have. @MitchellMc  Mitch has given great advice to help make it easier for you to achieve your Chicken Run. 

Can I please ask you, are you in the suburbs OR rural / semi rural ? 

We are just in the suburbs here in Perth so we don’t have predators such as foxes or hawks which are the natural predators attacking Chooks. So we have an open run that’s fenced BUT not a wired roof to make it completely enclosed if that makes sense. 
The Coop we have is a metal shed Coop that sits on concrete slabs with bedding on the floor and a couple of bricks with a piece pine for the girls to perch at night. 

Now if we were in rural / semi rural area I would definitely enclose the whole area you want. Including burying the fence partially into the ground if it is over the soil as foxes can dig underneath the fence. Fencing that sits on solid ground like concrete or pavers, make sure you put a solid barrier on the base of the fence as they will still get underneath. Make sure the mesh holes a small enough that predators can’t squeeze through. 

I won’t bang on too much and get you overwhelmed but definitely follow Mitch’s advice. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you do and enjoy your beautiful Chooks. Regards Michelle 🐓

Re: How do I turn this space into a chicken run

Thanks so much @MitchellMc - great suggestions! Re: the door, we have an old security door lying around so I might look at repurposing that. If the door stuff is a bit complex for me, I might have to get a professional in but everything else seems doable. 


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Re: How do I turn this space into a chicken run

Hi @mich1972 


I’ve actually been looking at all your chicken posts for ideas! Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s been really helpful - I love all the enrichment ideas you’ve had. And yes, loving being a chicken mum. I hardly eat eggs so they are more for companion/entertainment purposes 🤣 I thought we have a perfect yard (not much of a gardener so they can dig to their heart’s content!!) and plenty of love so we adopted up a few from the RSPCA. They haven’t come from the greatest circumstances so it’s been a real joy to see them living like all chickens should 😍


I’m in Victoria, just outside of Melbourne. I’d say we are more semi rural than in the suburbs. Definitely have lots of foxes around here unfortunately so that is a big priority. I will be putting a solid barrier on the bottom and will likely enclose the whole area. Especially as we have the roof already there. 

Thanks so much for your helpful tips! 

Re: How do I turn this space into a chicken run

You’re very welcome @sarahl0u and thank you 😊 please keep in touch with how your chicken run is going and also your girls. Remember if doesn’t have to be fancy pants just safe and secure. Try and recycle what you have lying around as well ok. 🐓🐓🐓

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