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How to make a frog pond in your garden

Kind of a Big Deal

How to make a frog pond in your garden

Watch this space friends as we convert this old bathtub into a beautiful Frog Pond 🐸🐸🐸 We have three small frog ponds in our garden and now it’s time to upgrade to a larger one 🐸💚🌿 I’ll show you step by step how it’s put together 😄






frog pond.jpeg




Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

@Jewelleryrescue @Thanks heaps for your advice !!! The tiny little fish in there are so small the people at the aquarium place told me they will not interfere with the frogs so that’s interesting. Yes the frogs have plants to climb on and the driftwood ect. I like the idea of a ramp as well. Thank You. Would love to see a photo of how you have set your pond up 🐸😊🐸

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Those little froggies look really happy, @mich1972! Thanks for sharing your update.




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Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Morning Mitch 

Thank You and it was so exciting seeing three of them. 🐸🐸😊😊

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Its  great to hear @mich1972  the small fish and Frogs are working out.

First  pond was a  plastic sheet in a  hole  i dug into the ground for the 2 ducks we have for a short while before they stared to try mounting chickens . I  seeing a therapist about that. 


Wow this  was 25 years ago in a rental property I am only showing this as you kindly asked. Now I look back I was going through a pond learning stage.


Water was split and pumped up into the tree  1.5 m up approx and it cascaded down to 2 splayed out tree limbs meeting at the middle (Via mini ponds mounted in tree with water fall like spouts. About 8 teirs in all up you can  just see two of the lower ones in photo working pouring into a raised fiberglass pebble crete pond wrapped  with timber edging that poured  out into a  japaness water balance I made ( it fills with water then tips out periodically ) onto a ramp into a lower  frog pond another  buried fiberglass  pond which then flows into the bath tub  aka the fish pond gold fish and they do eat just about every thing.


I was young and advernturous this pond far to busy for my tastes today.  The water cascading in the tree is nice I was  unique but not good in wind so had to put in by pass valve and only use tree supervised.  

I dont  think any frogs showed up in the pond but who knows if they live in the area anyway? We never  heard any in the region at night, a  little disappointing but projects never come  with  GTs  Birds  lizards  yes  maybe the lizard s where a deterent.




Water cascades down tree fork via waterfall dishesWater cascades down tree fork via waterfall dishes


But a  bath tub like you have is as every bit as enjoyable and nice to watch and more frogs than me lol

Because it was a rental we simply put in black plastic weed mating on fence and  we took the ponds with us I am still using the bigger150L  pond as a koi treatment tank less  medicine  used versus 7000L Next pond  evolution.Indoor pond and plant garden to noisy indoors.Indoor pond and plant garden to noisy indoors.

7000L  gold fish pond7000L gold fish pond


Now I am stalled on the enlargemnt of that pond as I want to run koi and have the water  and koi come right up to the top of the steps in the foreground.  I hope  that will be my last  pond  its a huge learning curve going bigger  in so many areas.


You asked for one  pond and ended up seeing my pond hobby evolutions .   Your Bath  pond is huge value for your enjoyment. Equal to my  efforts as we are making whole  eco systems.


Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Thank you for sharing your photo and your advice. Sounds like a good set up at the time 😃

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Hi @mich1972 


sorry I got carried away and added my pond evolutions.

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Morning Community Workshop friends. 😃 This is our Frog Bogs - shallow water, heavily planted up , that’s right near our Bathtub Frog Pond . This area is very leafy and protected. Please note, these bogs are very shallow, filled with plants, driftwood, timber stakes. 





Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Hi @mich1972 


Lovely all round environment for you and your frogs luxury living space they will be queuing  to get in.  Do you  have a  nice seat out there to be able to just just sit wait and watch  would  be ideal  at my place.

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Ohh that’s a great idea, will need to get a nice bench 😊😊

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden








 Well the Frogs are enjoying the extreme hot weather here in Perth !!! 💚 

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