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How to refresh your bathtub worm farm or start a new one

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How to refresh your bathtub worm farm or start a new one

Hello Workshop Community Friends !!!!


Our Bathtub Worm Farm refresh . It has been such a long hot Summer/ Autumn here in Perth and our worm farm fizzled out unfortunately. So I cleaned it all out and transferred the castings and bedding to the garden and started again !!!!!!


So here is a recap if you would like to expand your Worm Farm to a larger size.


Bathtub from the tip. Great way to recycle.


Bricks from the tip. Recycled.


You will need to lift up your tub. Make sure it’s on an angle with more bricks at the back so the liquid can drain out of the drainage hole in to a bucket.


Cover the drainage hole with a piece of shade cloth.


I used two bags of blue metal as a layer to encourage good drainage.


Then lay a piece of shade cloth over the top of the blue metal so the bedding doesn’t mix with the base.


Next soak two compressed blocks of Coco Peat in a bucket of water and let it sit for about 15 minutes until it’s completely broken down.


Add the bedding to the higher end of the bath tub.


Add your Composting Worms to the bedding. They MUST be composting worms and NOT earthworms from the garden.

Composting worms are shallow dwellers and stay near the top and eat the fruits and vegetables scraps. Earthworms are deep burrowing dwellers in our garden beds.


Once you have transferred your composting worms add a small amount of food to start with and then add more food as needed.


I have been worm farming for awhile and find they absolutely love a halved watermelon or rock melon to breakdown.


I use a piece of shade cloth for a blanket, you can also use a worm blanket or hessian.


Then I have a top to go on as a cover. It a framed screen that I cable tied a piece of shade cloth to.


Check daily to see how they are going. Worm farm needs to be damp and not wet and don’t let it dry out.


Don’t over feed them with too much food otherwise it will fill up with vinegar flies.


If i have excess food I will blitz it all first and then add it and it doesn’t become a problem.


Make sure your worm farm is under cover and not in the full sun or pouring rain. 


Having a Worm Farm is a wonderful way to recycle all of your kitchen scraps and make your own Organic liquid fertiliser - Worm Wee and the beautiful Castings - Worm Poo !!!!!


War On Waste - Keep it out of landfill.












Projects Editor
Projects Editor

Re: How to Refresh your Bathtub Worm Farm or Completely start a new one.

Thanks for taking the time to share this with the community @mich1972.


I'm sure many will be inspired to start their own worm farm thanks to your helpful guidance.




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