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Make a frog pot

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Make a frog pot

1 Frog Pot.jpg

Currently at work we are installing frog ponds in schools around the local area. One of the challenges has been establishing plant life to provide shelter from predators. Getting frogs to lay is relatively easy, a saucer full of water is generally all they need, but predation of the juvenile frogs takes a massive toll.

Whilst establishing the environment around the pond we came up with an easy and cheap portable home until more suitable plant growth comes in. 


All you'll need- Two pots, one larger than the other

                        A large saucer

                        A bolt with nut and washers

                        Sphagnum moss + terrarium plants2 What You'll Need.jpg




Simply connect the two pots with the bolt and washers 3 Join Pots With Bolt.jpg




 Add sphagnum moss to saucer and add terrarium plants around the exterior4 Fill saucer with Spagnum Moss.jpg





Then water till the Sphagnum greens back up (generally it is still alive, but dormant in the bag) may take several days5 Water + Add Mini Plants.jpg




The gap between the two pots allows the frogs access inside and prevents predators getting to them.6 Gap To Enter.jpg





Through capillary action the inside pot draws water up from the base and keeps the top pot wet, similar to a bushman's fridge it keeps the whole unit cool and humid inside.7 Water Getting Drawn Up.jpg





This would be a perfect project for the kids on a weekend, they could decorate the top too. Plus if you sneak out in the day time and lift the pot, you may find the frogs taking refuge.

The Australian museum also has a great free app for identifying frogs by their call. As a species which is so susceptible to environmental change, they are a great indicator species for the health of the environment around us.

Aus Museum Frog ID APP download


Happy Frogging!!






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Re: Make a Frog Pot!

Hi All!

Big frog fan here, I used to keep GTF as pets.

When I discovered this guy living in my colourbond fence post, I knew I needed to do something:
Backyard buddyBackyard buddy


Given I have a dog, a frog pot was not optional - she's too nosey!  So, I decided to make a water garden/ frog pond.

I purchased a plastic raised garden bed from Bunnings for $29 and sealed the bottom of the legs with silicone to keep the water in.
Frog padFrog pad

I then added some plants: Elephant Ears, Swamp Mazus, Blue Bacopa and Yellow Water Canna to start off:





I got the smaller plants sitting a different heights for some variation.  I plan to add a few more plants.

Hopefully my backyard buddy will like it, if not I'll have a nice water garden.

As the water is stagnant, I've added a few drops of  Envirosafe Mosquito Drops, I may eventually invest in a solar pump if needed.  

Edit: Finished it this afternoon (Wednesday). Added 3 more plants: Water Ribbons, Sweet Flag, & Variegated Japanese Rush



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Re: Make a Frog Pot!

If you build it they will come, found this guy in my water garden the other night:


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Make a Frog Pot!

Very cute. Many thanks for sharing @Deanna.




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Re: Make a Frog Pot!

@Jason  I call it the Frog Flophouse LOL  

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