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Help for gardening projects
Just Starting Out
1 reply

The lemon tree has holes in each/some boughs the size of a pencil. What do I get to kill the borers and retain the 27 yr old tree the hole is same as ...

Finding My Feet
2 replies

I am in Sydney and have some Tulip Bulbs. Please let me know exactly when shall I plant them to get the expected results. Also let me know the plant ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Hello team, We brought a home over a year ago and our front hedges in front of the main bedroom do not bloom. The retic needs to be fixed as it was br ...

Making a Splash
12 replies

                     after this lot, time to have a rest.  

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hello! I wanted to redo this bit in the front of our house (see pic). Its about 4 m by 0.5 m. The plants can't be too wide, and height ideally to be s ...

Having an Impact
3 replies

From the start of planting 4 years ago, this dwarf tree quickly became one sided. The leaves fell off and branches died on one side of the tree. One d ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

We recently purchased this property and it seems the previous owner hadn't maintained the lawn for a very long time and most likely the seeds of the w ...

Finding My Feet
8 replies

My neighbour has big trees close to the fence 2-5m & roots spreading into my property which is preventing my plants to grow. This is my new house alon ...

Growing in Experience
10 replies

Hi Team, I'm looking for suggestions for a weed killer that can effectively eliminate weeds in our nature strip without harming the lawn.

Just Starting Out
3 replies

is there a weed killer to remove weeds from gardens without killing the plants in the garden? Warm/wet weather weeds are crazy out of control .. thank ...

Finding My Feet
7 replies

Hi there, we bought a property with a nice large garden space some time ago. Keen to get a garden started, we sent away some soil samples to GardenSaf ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

which plants are best to plant on Slope rough rocky soil, getting full sun? Have put weeding mats two weeks ago after removing all the grass. A year a ...

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