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Help for gardening projects
Just Starting Out
3 replies

Looking to upcycle some old tires and turn them in to some tire gardens. What is the correct process? Once I collect the tires and give them a good ...

Home Improvement Guru
4 replies

After having the sewage done and redoing my stormwater pipes (they had compacted over the years in multiple areas) the steps I originally had were in ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hello there! I wonder how to make a self-watering plant using recycled materials for my assignment. It has to be portable and aesthetically pleasing a ...

Cultivating a Following
5 replies

I have garden edging using old bricks and will soon be working on the center of the yard. Do I need to cover the bore holes of these bricks before fil ...

Kind of a Big Deal
29 replies

Watch this space friends as we convert this old bathtub into a beautiful Frog Pond  We have three small frog ponds in our garden and now it’s time ...

Getting Established
9 replies

Hi Everyone. I think I’m going to end up spending hours on here lol Hopefully it will keep me from buying so many bulbs online which is what my questi ...

Home Improvement Guru
16 replies

Making a Splash
7 replies

We had a dead area in our back yard that was always to wet for anything to grow. With that in mind we decided to build a trellis fence out of recycled ...

Making a Splash
21 replies

Making a Splash
8 replies

Tree branch wheelbarrow revisited. Some more tips on construction. Select branches 50-60mm diameter. that are around 1 metre long. MaterialsFiv ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Have a heap of old Plastic Plant pots I reuse when I can but often see them thrown out in hard rubbish. Can these be recycled via Bunnings in some wa ...

Cultivating a Following
1 reply

I made the tool above “Plow it” out of a repurposed plough share, dowel handle and a stop for a walking stick. It is great for digging furrows for se ...

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