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   Hi, I have an unsightly storm water drain in lawn and wish to a/ build higher/level with yard & b/ cover with grass. thanks

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I was tired of having to water my garden beds by hand (or of my plants dying because I'd forgotten), so I decided to install a sprinkler system in my ...

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Hey All, As shown in pics, water puddles are forming between the concrete and fence due to rains. What can I do to improve the drainage or stopping ...

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Hi Guys, Our backyard is constantly flooded when it rains. I think I made it worst by removing the garden bed on the side and replacing it with weed ...

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hi. would love a water feature in my garden. its going to be my zen sanctuary, but have no idea how to start. can anyone help /

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Do I have to put the end of the agi pipe into a drain or just cover it over?

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Is there a way of clipping water pipes to the galvanised raised beds?

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Hi There, I have a stromwater drain and pits at the back fence of the house (pic attached). What plants/shrubs, I can and cannot plant. Also, I a ...

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Out the front of the house where the front garden at I would like to know what I can do when it rains badly our Whole front garden in front door flat ...

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Watch this space friends as we convert this old bathtub into a beautiful Frog Pond  We have three small frog ponds in our garden and now it’s time ...

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According to product specification, water inlet is shown at 290mm from base. (1)If the top of concrete base is set at 20mm below inlet, the pipe embed ...

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What pump is best to run an Aquapro 12L Medium Rock Look Twin Cascade? I also have the Aquapro rock look pond (I think it is the 100L one). Ideally I ...

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