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Can I use Dulux Renovation Range on tile floor and add glitter?


Can I use Dulux Renovation Range on tile floor and add glitter?



I’ve purchased a unit and the kitchen tiles are already painted, poorly. 

I wondered a few things:

What do I use to pull up the existing paint?


Is Dulux Renovation Range best for this?

Once cleaned and ready to go, can I add glitter /sparkles to the paint, or afterward?

Before a top coat?


Or should I leave it matte finished? 

I appreciate your input. TIA

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Dulux Renovation Range Tile Floors w (Glitter?)

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Steviee. It's wonderful that you've joined us and many thanks for your question about painting tiles.


Could you provide a little more information about how the tiles are painted poorly? I'd like the verify that this is something that could be solved by repainting. Painted tiles will always look like a painted tile, and it's not really possible to get a true tile look to the surface as it is a coating. If there are chips, defects or runs in the painted coating, then this is something we could look at addressing.


I am not aware of any effective way to remove the existing tile paint. If anything, you would address the issues with it and then paint over. As far as adding glitter or sparkles to the coating goes, this is normally seen with epoxy floor coatings. I can't say I've personally heard of anyone adding those to the Dulux Renovation range. Perhaps you could be the first?


I look forward to hearing more about your project and providing assistance.




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Community Manager

Re: Can I use Dulux Renovation Range on tile floor and add glitter?

Hi @Steviee,


Just checking in to see if you've seen Mitchell's helpful reply and whether you could provide us with more information so we can help further?


You might like to also share some close-up photos of any damage that needs repair so we can better see what you are working with and provide more specific advice.






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