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How to renovate kitchen of 1920's villa?


How to renovate kitchen of 1920's villa?

Hey Team!

Nico here from Christchurch, NZ


Please see below my current kitchen!! 

Im after some feedback/suggestions/help on what you would do with this? 
Budget is low maybe $2500 max as we are re-doing all the flooring through the house with wood planks and also removing the wall between this space and our lounge with some painting soon too. 

I was looking down the route of painting the bench top and cabinetry then replacing the fixtures to modernise.

Or am I going to be better off to paint cabinetry but look at fully replacing the bench top?

I would love some suggestions for colour, design even layout change if its do-able? 


Thanks and can't wait to hear your suggestions!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to renovate kitchen of 1920's villa?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @nicogriffin. We're pleased to have you join us.


Let me tag some helpful members in @redbournreno and @EricL for their thoughts on how to tackle this budget renovation.


A great place for you to start would be the guide How to plan a kitchen renovation by @Adam_W. You will also get some great ideas and inspiration from articles like 10 kitchens transformed by paint and Top 10 most popular kitchen projects.  


We're looking forward to seeing how you can transform your home.




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to renovate kitchen of 1920's villa?

Hello @nicogriffin


Thanks for sharing your question about how to renovate the kitchen of your 1920s villa. There are ways and means of modifying your kitchen door to make it look completely different. However, it will require time and the proper tools to accomplish it. If you have one but not the other then painting your doors may be the route you need to take. Have a look at this discussion - Kitchen reno with paint and ply by @LizzieCro.


A budget of $2,500 max is a bit tight. In order to prevent having too many textures in your kitchen, I suggest a bright coloured benchtop with either marble effects such as Kaboodle 2400 x 600 x 38mm Vanilla Cream Benchtop or a speckled design like Kaboodle 600mm Cut To Measure Benchtop - Crackle Crush. If however, you decide to go to a dark colour, I recommend getting the darkest colour you can afford like the Kaboodle 600mm Cut To Measure Benchtop - Soyanut. This will compliment your new floors and enhance the overall look of your kitchen.


Your pantry door finish is perfect for your house. I suggest we carry this onto the back of your island using Easycraft 900 x 1200mm 9mm Lining Panel White MRMDF Primed VJ 100. You can finish off the look all the way to the sides of your cabinet. In this manner, the island and the pantry tie themselves together with the design feature on their doors.


If you have a little bit of money left after buying the benchtop and painting the doors, I recommend getting a tall end panel and a refrigerator cabinet. This will hide the grey colour of your fridge and brings it in line with the overall colour scheme of your kitchen. So at first glance, they see your benchtop or floor and then the rest of the other features in your kitchen.


To add a bit of character next to your range hood, I suggest putting in some timber shelves with Carinya 150 x 100 x 20mm Satin Scroll Bracket - single - Satin Black. You can varnish the shelves with a dark tint or match it with the colour of your floor. You also have the option of doing the open timber shelves on the other side near the window. Some choice decorative items on the shelf will help finish off that retro-modern look of your kitchen.


Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing the start of your kitchen renovation.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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