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Dollhouse makeover

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Dollhouse makeover

Hey everyone, thought I’d share a Kmart dollhouse I recently gave a makeover. 
I’ve attached some before & after pics as well as some pics & a run down of the process. 








I started by staining all the wood trim & detail. I like to experiment with colours so I made my own stain by adding a drop of oil based black and red enamel paint to clear varnish.



To give the deck some character, I used a blade and ruler to carve lines into the wood. Once I applied the stain, the lines appeared darker giving it that “decking” look.


I painted all the window frames using the shade “Norway Spruce” by British Paints.


For the roof I made tiles using 1.5mm balsa wood that I cut into small strips.



I glued them onto the roof using Selleys Liquid nail (as I had heaps of it left from a previous project), I started from the bottom and worked my way up, cutting them to size as needed. 



I later painted the roof in the shade “Safari Suit” by Taubmans. 
I made the planter boxes by cutting pieces of the balsa wood to size and glueing together using the liquid nail. I then sanded & painted them to match the window seals and glued them on. 


I cut up a bunch of artificial flowers I purchased from Bunnings and then glued them into the planter boxes. 


I cut up some thin strips of balsa wood and glued to the front door to add some detail. I  then varnish the door using clear varnish, and painted a house number on the door using a toothpick and silver enamel paint. 
And lastly I made a little door mat from some scrap jute fabric I had. 


Next I will be giving the interior a makeover.


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Re: Dollhouse makeover

OMG !!! That’s absolutely gorgeous !!!!! @prettyliving  🥰

Re: Dollhouse makeover

@mich1972 Thank you ☺️

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Re: Dollhouse makeover

Well done @prettyliving , it looks so good. I picked up an old doll house off Facebook a while back with the same idea and have been waiting for inspiration to complete it.

Re: Dollhouse makeover

Thanks! @IBuildStuff 

Oh how cool, it’s a lot fun to work on 😊

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Dollhouse makeover

Hi @prettyliving


That is an amazing dollhouse makeover. I'm sorry, but I believe I fell off the effort bus when you started making roof tiles. That's just some next-level creativity going on there! The deck effect, flower boxes and the coir welcome matt are just fantastic and bring such realism to the dollhouse. It's true when they say that it's the details that make the difference.


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing dollhouse makeover.




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Re: Dollhouse makeover

Thanks so much @EricL 

It’s been a lot of fun and quite therapeutic getting my creative on ☺️

Re: Dollhouse makeover

@prettyliving  I am super excited to see your next project !!!!! I hope it’s another Dollhouse. I was looking at the photos again and those roof tiles are perfect. My favourite are the beautiful flower boxes 🥰

Re: Dollhouse makeover

@mich1972 Thanks so much 🥰 I’ve done a few dollhouses now, also currently working on a large one (barbie sized) so will share that once it’s finished. 😊

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Re: Dollhouse makeover

That looks very good! 😃


Any chance of seeing the dollhouse before the renovations?

The occupants must now be made aware they need to regularly stain/varnish their new woodwork.

Will there be a shed?


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