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Door strike is a hazard

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Door strike is a hazard

My internal doors have a door strike plate that sticks out alot and causes injuries when walking past. Is there something that can be put on top to cushion/shield it? 



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Door strike is a hazard

Hello @achandra100


A quick solution to your door strike is to gently tap the lip of the strike receiver with a hammer. Your goal is to gently turn the excessively long lip of the striker downwards so that it does not catch your arm as you walk by it. If you have a vice in your tool shop it will even be simpler as you can clamp the strike receiver on the vice and tap the lip inwards. 


A more challenging solution would be to grind it down with a grinder. Just be careful not to trim too much off or the latch will strike the timber instead of the receiver. 


Let me tag our experienced members @TedBear and @Brad for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Door strike is a hazard

Hi @achandra100 

Have you looked at taking one of them to Bunnings to see if another,  less agressive design, would fit?

 Such as:

They are cheap to buy if you can find replacements that will fit.


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