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How to cut Laminex Surround panelling around split system for feature wall?

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How to cut Laminex Surround panelling around split system for feature wall?


Hi Everyone


I feel it’s time to change the feature wall in our bedroom but I need some expert advice from the very handy people in the workshop.

The wall currently is finished in Dulux Suede but I want to cover it in Laminex Surround panelling.

I am pretty handy but I am concerned as to how I cut the panelling around the split system air con on the wall.

I do not own a jigsaw or any other electric / cordless saw so I am unsure can it be cut manually.

I can hire a nail gun and work that out but as I said cutting the panelling to fit around the air con does frighten me a little.

Any advice would be appreciated 😊

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Laminex Surround Bedroom Feature Wall

Hello @Missskybird


Thank you for sharing your question about cutting the Laminex Lining Panel for your feature wall. In order for you to cut a very precise shape into the lining panel, I suggest making a cardboard template of the head unit of your split aircon system. The cardboard must be flat and rectangular in shape. Measure the height and width of the head unit. Trace the shape of the head unit into the cardboard. Use a one-dollar coin to make the round corners of the head unit.


Once you've traced the shape into the cardboard cut it out using a craft knife or Stanley knife. Test fit the cardboard on the head unit. The cardboard should fit neat but not overly snug. You should be able to easily take it off without a great amount of struggle. You can trim the cardboard opening using sandpaper. 


Now that you have your template you'll need to determine the position of the head unit from the trim of the ceiling to the top of the head unit. Then measure the distance between the left side wall and the right sidewall. Once you've determined which lining panel you'll be using for the wall, you can now mark the position of the head unit on the panel with a pencil. Centre your cardboard cutting template to the measurements you've made and trace the opening with a pencil. Tripple check your measurements to make sure that the cutout is in the correct position. 


Make sure that the cutout is square and level with the top of the lining panel. Adjust accordingly if the head unit is not installed squarely. If you can hire a nail gun, there's the possibility that you might be able to hire a jigsaw. It takes practice to cut straight lines with a jigsaw. I suggest doing a few practice runs with offcut timber. Your other option is to use a handsaw to cut the straight parts and a coping saw to cut the curves. Make sure to sand down the rough parts of the opening and do a test fit to make sure that it's in the correct position.


Let me tag our experienced members @TedBear and @craftyhopper for their recommendations.  


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Laminex Surround Bedroom Feature Wall

Thank you Eric. I will study your guidelines and decide if I am up to the task 😆

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