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Hamptons-inspired dog ramp

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Hamptons-inspired dog ramp

My gorgeous Goldie, Charlie, was recently diagnosed with hip displacia. This condition makes ordinarily simple movements incredibly difficult. It is for this reason that I decided to build a ramp to allow her easy access to some cuddles on the bed. I worked hard to match the bed frame and decor in the room with bright whites and paneling to finish. 



Ryobi Drill 

AEG Drop Saw 

Ryobi Disc Sander


Step 1


Build the frame using 35x70mm untreated pine. If adding shelving or draws, ensure this is calculated in the frame build. Secure the frame with 75mm 10G Timber Screws.

Step 2


Carefully cut pine cladding to size and secure using 30mm 8G timber screws. Be sure to counter sink screws using a larger drill bit.

Step 3


Using 3mm coated MDF board, measure and cut shelving lining. Secure in place using indoor wood glue and 20mm 8G screws.

Step 4


Measure and cut the 9mm MDF top. Secure using countersunk 50mm 10G timber screws. Patch all screw holes and imperfections.

Step 5



Use white gap filler to seal the edges of the shelves. Sand the ramp back until the surface is completely smooth. Apply a coat of prime, followed by 1 coat of white wall paint.

Step 6


Add your chosen material to the ramp top.

Step 7


Upon installing the ramp and observing Charlie using it, I realised the carpet was far too slippery. I then replaced it with these great foam-based self-adhesive panels.

Re: Hamptons-inspired dog ramp

I was also wondering the same @AnnieOzi  @Alicia_Woodwork 


I have mini dashies, and have to watch their backs.  Along with a few other smaller dogs.  this is a great way to make a boring old ramp, useful storage.


This old gal

Re: Hamptons-inspired dog ramp

Hi Eric @EricL 


Thanks for the input.


This old Gal

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