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How can I build a tree branch bookshelf?

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How can I build a tree branch bookshelf?

Hi Everyone,


I needed some guidance on building a tree branch shaped bookshelf with wood. I have a reference pic to show what I want to make.Tree branch bookshelfTree branch bookshelf

Can someone suggest if I can find stuff in bunnings to make this ? what would be the best wood pieces options for the shelves? 

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Re: How can I build a tree branch bookshelf


First image I thought scroll saw till I googled...

Pine would have the largest range of sizes to work with and it can be stained to a wide range of colours.

Hidden fasteners would work.

I think dowel joints would be the entry level option, Festool Domino's with a large budget.

Cutting your shapes out is where you may need a heavy duty bandsaw and that is outside the normal Bunnings range and beyond what I currently have the tools for. The other option is to use a compound mitre saw and plane the tapers by hand which is challenging.

At a push you could do it all through Bunnings.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How can I build a tree branch bookshelf

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @nivvi28.


I see one of our helpful members @Brad has already given some great advice which is fantastic. Brad has addressed that there are some fairly complex woodworking techniques being used here and to replicate those you would need either some impressive tools or advanced woodworking skills. Personally, I possess neither of those two things, however, I still think it is achievable to create a branch bookshelf similar to this.


To replicate a similar shelf I would advise using Claymark 89 x 19mm x 1.2m Standard Grade Dressed Pine sheetHaron 10mm Fluted Dowel 40 PackPVA glue and a compound mitre saw or circular saw would be very helpful. Cutting the many different angles present in this project by hand would be difficult and the powered saw would increase the accuracy and speed of those cuts.


By using the above products you could achieve what I have pictured below. It would still take a considerable amount of time though you could make it as minimalistic as you wanted.


Please let me know if you need further information or had any questions.




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Re: How can I build a tree branch bookshelf

Hi Mitchell,


Thanks a lot for your response. Since, I dont want to go very expensive on my budget, I think using circular saw would be a better option.

Yes,I intend to build a very minimalistic shelf design. I will get back to you if I have further questions. Thanks again!!



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