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How to build a tile table?

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How to build a tile table?

Hi, recently i have really been wanting to make this popular tile table. I want to make it from scratch so that fitting the tiles would be a lot easier. I have looked at other videos but I’m still not 100% certain about the tools and materials ill need, and also how i can join the three pieces of wood together to make a simple table. I also wanted to paint the tiles green but then I’m scared that the paint wont stick to the tile and the pain would just rub off. I’m wondering if someone could tell me what tools grout adhesive i would need to use and also what i need to do to stop the paint from coming of, and also how many tiles i would need.2B28166B-3602-47D8-9162-C55C098970B2.jpeg

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Re: tile table

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Ridaren. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about building tiled tables.


You might like to start by reading through these two discussions: How to make this DIY tiled desk? by @gvrgvm and DIY tiled desk by @SaraD0510.


I'd suggest you construct the table from a 2400 x 1200 x 25mm MDF Standard Panel. You'll need to glue and screw two pieces together to achieve the 50mm thickness suitable for the tiles. You could use several long screws and construction adhesive to join the leg sections to the top. You really should be using brackets for support, but this would be difficult to tile over, and you'd need to rebate them into the timber so they're flush with its surface.


You'll also need Dunlop 2kg Wall And Floor Tile AdhesiveDunlop 1.5kg Flexible Coloured Grout - Alabaster, a QEP Home Pro Grout Float and a notched trowel.


@lifestylebymari takes us through the process of building her Tiled side table. This should give you a good idea of the process.


If you follow the application directions for your chosen tile paint, then you'll have a reasonably durable surface, and the paint won't rub off. However, you shouldn't scrape any hard or rough objects across the top.


You'll be using Decor8 Tiles 306 x 306mm White Gloss Square Porcelain Mosaic Tile and likely need slightly less than 20 sheets. 


Please let us know if you have any questions.





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Re: How to build a tile table?

Hi @Ridaren and welcome!


Sounds like you have a really fun weekend project ahead, I look forward to seeing your finished project - make sure you update us with photos. 





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