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How to fix a drawer handle that keeps spinning?

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How to fix a drawer handle that keeps spinning?



This handle keeps spinning, any suggestions? Do I glue it or soilder it on?


 *the handle is the part that spins not the part screwed into the drawer.


thanks for your help




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Re: handle keeps spinning

Hi @allirae,


I suspect that there was a thread that has stripped out which screwed into the handle. If these drawers are operating on timber runners instead of the newer style runners I think you'll continue to have issues no matter your repair. Timber runners get jammed and swell forcing you to put some stress on the handle whilst opening. You can try using a two-part epoxy which is the strongest glue I can think of. However, if the draw becomes jammed then you'll risk pulling the handle off again. If they are relatively free-sliding then the fix should hold.


Brazing or soldiering the metal sections together could work. If you have experience in that area it would certainly be worth a go and likely a more permanent solution to glueing.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: handle keeps spinning

Or why not do both?  The epoxy would help hold the post into the timber handle, and if you then clean 2 small areas of the post and it's bracket, you could solder them together at 2 (discrete) spots to help reduce the twisting forces on those joins. It wouldn't need much solder because the glue should do most of the work, it's just to remove the shock from small amounts of  twisting that could fracture the glue attachment in time. 

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