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How to make these glass modular shelves?

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How to make these glass modular shelves?







Just a normal student here (which means I have 0 knowledge in this field) who is in desperate need of help! I have been dying to make these kinds of glass modular shelves but I have been struggling to find the materials


I was wondering if I could go with the curtain rails like these ones for the pipe and cut them


According to this project on youtube based in other countries and they use tee connectors to connect the pipes like the ones in the pictures but I genuinely have no idea where I can get these. 

Also they use those holders? To hold the glass sheets (I’m not sure what they are called)

I know this is a very long shot but hopefully I can find something at least similar!

Your opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated since my hours of googling really didn’t seem to work sadly…


Thanks heaps


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Re: How to make these glass modular shelves

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @identity1. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about constructing shelving.

I don't know of any corner fittings that would allow you to construct these shelves. Those Sandleford 16 x 1200mm Stainless Steel Tube Rods are designed to be used as curtain rails, and the most complex corner you'd come across would be an elbow joint. You'd need a couple of different joints, one when there is a shelf above and one for the top. I've created a rendering of them below. I can't think of any place you could source these, although I'm sure they are available somewhere.


These shelving units appear to be prefabricated products and not a D.I.Y. type project. I would hazard a guess that by the time you bought all the pipe, corner pieces, shelf supports and glass panels, you'll be looking at a few hundred dollars worth of parts. This cost should be compared to prefabricated products out there.


Let me mention @TedBear, @Noyade and @Remarka6le to see if they had any thoughts.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Re: How to make these glass modular shelves

I have to agree 100% with @MitchellMc on this. Those parts are not off-the-shelf purchases, but made specifically for those shelves as a unit. 

If you want to DIY and not spend a heap more than it would cost to buy the well-finished factory made product, it would be wiser to design a glass shelving unit from timber. That way there are plenty of suitable corner and support brackets available at a reasonable price. Round or square timber is easier to work with than shiny steel and won't rust. You can shave or file flat areas on round poles to attach brackets, with a bit of practice.

(Stainless steel won't rust but would cost a fortune and is very hard to do much with, without special equipment. Cheap shiny poles will look ok at first, then don't when rust spots appear. There is a range of fancy corner brackets for round piping on the Net, but I wouldn't want to gamble on their quality... it is likely that what you have seen are enticements for you to send for those inferior products, suggesting that you will end up making the same as the factory made product.)

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Re: How to make these glass modular shelves

Hey @identity1, if you could post the Youtube link for the project, we might be able to assist you a little better in finding what you need. 

We made something similar back in high school shop (with wood instead of glass) using threaded steel pipes (20mm x 200, 20mm x 250, 20mmx 900), endcaps, lugged capillary elbows and whatever t fittings we used, I just can't remember what they were or where our school purchased them from. 


If the parts look to be too difficult to get, you can always look to a local seller on Etsy (example in link) who can either send you the custom parts or complete a custom shelf to your specifications. 

Hope this helps :smile: 


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