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How to protect or lacquer an old canvas travel box?

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How to protect or lacquer an old canvas travel box?

Looking for some advice about how best to protect this canvas travelling case to be able to use it in a living room. 



It has some original travel paper labels stuck to it that are falling off that I’d like to secure and protect. 



The inside seems to be linen, and I’m not sure what I should do with it either. If anything? 


i bought a can of clear matt spray sealer

but haven’t used it yet as I’m a bit worried that it might be the wrong thing to use. 

I got it Facebook for free and really like it and want to keep the heritage of the labels. I have had it in storage as the paper travel labels are very delicate and come off of break very easily. I know that as a pure antique it should not be touched but I would like to put it somewhere that it can be seen and appreciated so I think it needs to be protected to be used even as decoration in a living room. 

Any advice and suggestions would be very much appreciated!!! 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to protect or lacquer an old canvas travel box

Hi @glenmore


I'm pretty confident that would be the best product for this project. I'd recommend you do a test section underneath before committing to the whole box. It will probably make the colour slightly darker, but that's a small price to pay for stabilising the labels. Any larger sections of the labels that are peeling off should be stuck down first. You can spray some of this clearcoat into the cap and use a small paintbrush to apply it under the lifting label. Wait until it becomes slightly tacky, and then press the lifting label down until it binds. You'll then be free to coat over the top with the spray. Spray several light coats instead of a couple of heavy coats. This will prevent discolouration and help avoid runs.


I'm really keen to see how this project turns out. Keep us updated and shout out if you get stuck or have further questions.




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Re: How to protect or lacquer an old canvas travel box

Thanks @MitchellMc !!!

Ill give it a go and post the pictures of how it goes. Thanks for the tip about using it to stick down the label 😄

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