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Ideas to cover interior planter box?

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Ideas to cover interior planter box?

46D8FD43-E6AE-4131-8FA6-A67746B680DC.jpegPlease help - I am looking for ideas to cover this interior planter box  - can’t afford to remove as I would have to replace a lot of tiles. I am not very handy but willing to try.

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Re: Ideas needed

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Debcal. It's sensational to have you join us any many thanks for your question about filling gaps.


Do you want the covering to look a certain way or are you happy with something functional? Marine ply has quite a nice finish to it and could be used. You'd need to make a template of the area and transfer that onto the sheet before cutting it out. It would be best to recess the cut-out section below the existing surface, and it could be placed upon Zenith 25mm Zinc Plated Angle Brackets fixed into the sides. If you install the brackets at the same thickness as the ply below the surface, the sheet with finish flush with the surrounding area. You can then use stain and varnish to match the existing timber.


Let me mention @TedBear to see if he has any thoughts.


Please let me know if you have questions.




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Re: Ideas needed

Hi @Debcal , as @MitchellMc says, it depends on what sort of look you want to have in that area. You could remove the existing timber tops and replace the whole area with the stained marine ply suggested. I recommend putting a couple of upright timbers at the back so it won't sag. Then you could either place a cushioned mat on top and a long length of cushion at the back, plus some more, to make it a seating area, or place a wide, short set of shelves or cubes along the back to fill up with books, small indoor plants or other decorative items. A third use could be to showcase something large on it, a statuette or large vase.

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