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VJ panelling in study

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VJ panelling in study

Reno Rookie at it again! This DIY stuff is getting super addictive!


We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the second bedroom has been turned into a work station for me (working from home) and a music studio for my partner. It was a tired room with a hint of purply white walls and the worst part is, the way our room is shaped I have to face the ugly wall all day every day for work. So I thought to myself, what can I put there to make it pleasing on the eye?


I then stumbled across a video on Bunnings about installing VJ panelling into your rooms. I LOVED the idea so much !


So we went with the Easycraft easyREGENCY 2400 x 1200 x 9mm Primed MDF Interior Wall Linings. First question you may ask is why I didn't go for the EasyVJ instead of the EasyREGENCY. This is because EasyVJ was sold out 😅 and I didn't want to hold off so we went with EasyREGENCY. 


First obstacle we faced was that the panels were 10cm too short which we knew when we bought the panels. We actually decided to hide the bottom with skirting 🤫

So we glued the panels onto the wall, made sure it was level at the top and drilled into the wall (concrete walls) 


Gave it a good old paint - we went for a lovely green to give our room some life. 


Here are the before and after photos.



Reno Rookie





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Re: VJ Panelling - Study

Wow, what an amazing transformation. It totally changes the whole feel of the room @Megarakawa.


Had you not mentioned the shortage in height, I don't think anyone would have worked it out. Great thinking to use the skirting board to cover the difference; most people would have presumed it couldn't be done.


Can I ask, after you drilled into the concrete, how did you fix the panels? Plastic plugs and screws?


Love your work, and I can't wait for the next project!




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Re: VJ Panelling - Study

Thanks Mitchell! 


Yes correct! Drilled a hole, inserted a plastic plug, then screwed into the plug :smile:


It also helped with the fact that our concrete wall isn't quite flat so we found the board wasn't sticking down. 




Also I accidentally posted twice. I can't quite figure out how to delete the other one !

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Re: VJ panelling in study

Hi, love the way this VJ wall looks & the skirting looks great painted white. What sort of glue did you use to glue wood to concrete & what specific part is screwed into the concrete please? Would that be like each top & bottom & to skirting?

I wanted to ask did you put anything at the ceiling level like dowel or fascia? 


Thankyou for any info 



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: VJ panelling in study

Hello @twodogz


It's great that this Easycraft EasyVJ Panel project has inspired you to undertake your own renovation. Let me tag @Megarakawa so that they are made aware of your question. If you're planning on putting EasyVJ panels on brick or cement have a look at this discussion - How to secure VJ panels onto Besser bricks? In that discussion, I suggested either using a timber brace or using masonry fixings to hold the panel in place until the adhesive cures.


I recommend using STAHL Masonry Kit 7mm Drill With 50mm Green Wall Plugs or similar. This would be more than enough to hold the panel in place until the glue cures. You'll notice in the picture that they used Gyprock CSR 90mm x 3600mm Cove Plaster Cornice for the top and Skirting for the bottom. Any photo updates you can provide while renovating your room would be much appreciated.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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