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Living and Bedroom

Help for living room and bedroom projects
Just Starting Out
8 replies

Hey guys, first post so go easy lol during lockdown I've been learning to sing and play guitar. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere quiet enough for me ...

Finding My Feet
16 replies

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could help me? I am wanting to mount my television on my wall, but I dont want any of the cables to show. How ...

Getting Established
6 replies

Not sure what this isI think the round thing is the starter.Google suggest to me this is a Magnetic-type ballastWhole imageTakes a while to turn on, f ...

Kind of a Big Deal
55 replies

Hi all, seeking some thoughts/advice on a feature wall I'm planning. In my FIFA Room (AKA Theatre) I'm doing panelling on the TV wall. I'm trying to ...

Getting Established
18 replies

I have squeaky floor boards in the living room and in the bedrooms. The living room is not carpeted but the bedrooms are. I was going to remove t ...

Finding My Feet
8 replies

Hi guys, I have some holes (8-10cm in diameter) in the ceiling from installing ceiling fans and wondering if diy is possible fixing these holes.. I sa ...

Having an Impact
31 replies

I have finally finished my latest DIY project, which unfortunately took me over 6weeks from start to finish. But now that my table reno is completed, ...

Having an Impact
151 replies

Hi, mates.Good morning! The handle of my bedroom (image1) is out of work. I removed the old handle and now there are two holes in the door( image2) Se ...

Getting Established
21 replies

Would the 25mm blue gripit plasterboard fixes be suitable to wall mount a tv to the plasterboard? It says they can hold up to 60kg. I have a 50” t ...

Finding My Feet
8 replies

I have a 600x600mm piece of 3mm thick acrylic sheet and I would like to cut it to a 550x550mm sized piece for a personal project. Does Bunnings have a ...

Making a Splash
7 replies

Hi this is our first time painting our wall, and we just realize that the paint needs to be tinted before use.We just moved into a new home and there ...

Bunnings MakeItYours
9 replies

This week it’s the Master Bedroom that’s gets a makeover, courtesy of D.I.Y. style queen, Geneva Vanderzeil. This savvy designer is all about showi ...

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