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Living and Bedroom

Help for living room and bedroom projects
Just Starting Out
5 replies

I have a curtain rail I tried to install two months ago but gave up because the instructions were seriously confusion AND I don't know what to do with ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi! I've read through the discussions on how to repair cornices but figured I should check because I didn't feel they quite matched what I am dealing ...

Building a Reputation
79 replies

Hi, I want to rip off my old MDF walls and place brand new VJ Panels onto the timber frame. From the videos I have seen, the timber frame needs to hav ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi team, I bought these coffee table and lamp table due two years ago and it started cracking from the top after only a few months. It’s a cement look ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Tips for sound proofing windows?

Building a Reputation
1 reply

Hi I set up pre built Ikea cupboards in the walk in wardrobe in my bedroom. It all fit in nice except that there is a bit of the back of the cupboard ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

My front (wood) door whistles and shakes in windy conditions. There is a small gap all around the frame. I have a draft excluder on the bottom of the ...

Just Starting Out
6 replies

   Hi Team We have removed the frames from two bedroom BIRs and are looking to install slimline sliding doors. Currently the space is exposed uneven ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Preferably lighter doors or even a slider, although I don't think a curtain would be secure enough. Something I can add a lock of some kind to. Contex ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Crack has started to open over past few years in 130 year old house

Just Starting Out
9 replies

Hope to get some expert advice regarding removing or skim coating this stippled “Cow’s Foot “ ceiling. unfortunately covering it with gypock isn’t an ...

Just Starting Out
8 replies

  Hi everyone! I have all but one of my panels up. The one that hasn’t been glued and nailed in is marked with a blue arrow. I’m not too sure how to ...

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