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Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

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Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

After the previous owners of our house subdivided the block, our backyard was left unfinished.


Together my partner and I set out to transform the backyard into an inviting and relaxing space that would bring us so much joy.



Stilla Wooden Shed


Trees & Plants

Grout and recycled bricks



Raised corten steel garden edging





Step 1

Full clear out, level yard and dismantle old colorbond shed 



Step 2

Install soakwells and retic



Step 3

Spray paint fence and paint house



Step 4

Cover old brown 70s brick garden bed with recycled bricks and grout



Step 5

Install wooden shed



Step 6

Pave side of house with recycled bricks and paint side of house



Step 7

Install Ekodeck




Step 8

Install raised Corten steel garden bed



Step 9

Roll buffalo turf



Step 10

Add plants, furniture, watch it grow and enjoy!



Having an Impact

Re: Backyard Makeover

Hi @cassieandrews ,


Welcome to the community!  And what a first post!  Well done, that's an amazing transformation!  You've converted something that was unappealing to something that is a welcoming retreat.  I love ekodeck too, what made you pick that over the other traditional decking options?  (Merbau, pine etc)
Mine was not having to oil it every year like traditional decking!




Re: Backyard Makeover

Hi Marty

Thanks so much for the kind words.

I’m the same as you. Love the low maintenance and not having to think about re oiling!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Hi @cassieandrews,


Totally agree with @Marty_greenshed - it's such a wonderful transformation. You've created a relaxing and stylish retreat that I'm sure you'll enjoy for years to come. What were your biggest learnings from this project? Anything you would have done differently?


This would make a great entry into our D.I.Y. July project search, so I've gone ahead and entered it for you.


Let me also extend a warm welcome to our community. It's a pleasure having you join us, and I can't wait to see what project you tackle next.




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Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence


Now that is a decent differerence! It looks great and I love the reuse of the bricks especially. The painting of the colourbond fence brings it all together. Was it easy to paint (I have a lovely blue painted colourbond fence to redo) I also really like the pathway down the side of the house. Love reusing resources!



Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

@cassieandrews  Congratulations on your DIY July entry, the finished project looks fantastic, it must have been back breaking work, this is perfect new back yard. The key word is low maintenance, my kind of backyard/garden.

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Hi Akanksha


Thank you so much, am glad to have an entry into the DIY July project search!


I would say for us that the biggest learning when taking on a project yourself is when it’s feeling impossible or hard, the end result is so worth it! All in all we wouldn’t change a thing!

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Good morning @cassieandrews Sending you a warm welcome to the Workshop Community 😊 Your backyard is unrecognisable after all the hard work you put into it. Far out, I love it. 😍 You and your partner will never be inside the house !!! It’s so great to be outside. You know what I love about it, the old bricks for the paving and wall. I LOVE the use of old bricks. 

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Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

What a winning team @cassieandrews and partner!  How long did it take? Just painting the fence make such a difference!  I bet your back-breaking work has put another two 00's on the value of your place too!   Your neighbours will be jealous especially when you're out there toasting the sinking sun!  

Bravo to you both!

Cheers 🥂

Building a Reputation

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Thanks Tyro!

All up I recon this took us about 8 months with us slowly chipping away at it over the weekends!

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