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Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

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Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

After the previous owners of our house subdivided the block, our backyard was left unfinished.


Together my partner and I set out to transform the backyard into an inviting and relaxing space that would bring us so much joy.



Stilla Wooden Shed


Trees & Plants

Grout and recycled bricks



Raised corten steel garden edging





Step 1

Full clear out, level yard and dismantle old colorbond shed 



Step 2

Install soakwells and retic



Step 3

Spray paint fence and paint house



Step 4

Cover old brown 70s brick garden bed with recycled bricks and grout



Step 5

Install wooden shed



Step 6

Pave side of house with recycled bricks and paint side of house



Step 7

Install Ekodeck




Step 8

Install raised Corten steel garden bed



Step 9

Roll buffalo turf



Step 10

Add plants, furniture, watch it grow and enjoy!



Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Brilliant effort @cassieandrews  & P!

It was great to see those rolls of buffalo grass too! So many people are buying that plastic grass 🤢.... I know buffalo is slow growing, but tell me how will you mow the lawn?  A whipper-snipper?

Building a Reputation

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Haha we’re not fans of synthetic grass either.

We still have a normal lawn mower and whipper snipper for the edges 😊

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

You two are real suckers for punishment, that's for sure!  Sell the mower,  buy a bunny, let it fatten up, make a nice rabbit stew! Yum! 😱😂😂 


Home Improvement Guru

Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

@cassieandrews  and @Tyro 

I keep pushing for the idea of a "Share sheep" for the street. One week the sheep stays at my place, next week over to yours, next week over to anothers then back at mine :smile: Would save on mowing cost and time tho my be pricey for garden beds :smile:





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Re: Backyard makeover with Ekodeck and spray painted fence

Ooo...tastier, definitely @Dave-1

But how would you divvy it up come dinner time?

And there's alot more maintenance ...

Have to shear it.

Also have to worm it.

Also have to daintily tippy-toe around it's droppings for when you go back indoors.

Gotta watch out for  duffers too - especially with the price of meat these days.  A 6ft fence is nothing to them!

Stick with the bunny, I reckon! 

🤔 ...although Guinea Pig is meant to be tasty too! 😂😂😂

Just Starting Out

Fence colour


Anyone know what colour this fence was?


Re: Fence colour

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @MrsSchroeds. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about paint colours.


Hopefully, @cassieandrews can answer your question about their project.

There's a good chance it is either Dulux Monument or Domino, as they are both very popular fence colours in similar tones. You might like to check out this discussion: Fence colour - Dulux Monument or Domino?

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Fence colour

Hi @MitchellMc & @MrsSchroeds


It sure is Monument!

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