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Building a treehouse

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Building a treehouse

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great year, @Dan_M.


As you've realised, your one of a kind tree house is still sparking inspiration within the community, and we would absolutely love to see some updated images. I think we've all been waiting with bated breath to see the finished results; I know I have.


Many thanks for the update.




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Re: Building a treehouse

Thanks Mitchell,


appreciate your thoughts.


few more pics of closing up the roof :wink:


"this much to go !""this much to go !"IMG_2198.JPGsuccess !!!success !!!


Oh yeah - a keen eye will also notice an addition to the side..... I got sick of trying to haul panels up a ladder and nearly stack.... so fast tracked the 'ships ladder/stairs :smile:

made a template and routed out channels for each step.....this was fun carrying down and lifting into place on my own....




and some grab rails (brackets from you know where !)  :wink:




then wanted to make the railing gaps more 'small kid proof'
made a 'pig fence' - routed a channel down the inside length of the pine, and slotted the mesh in place then screwed the frame


IMG_2260.JPGIMG_2262.JPG'small child' field testing complete :)'small child' field testing complete :smile:


this is about the latest pic - it's essentially functional and safe; I have a window to install into the 'cabin' and need to finish off the railing....
also think a firemans pole at the end of decking is required..and a camouflage paint job on outside to blend in... :smile:




top railing is perfect width :wink:




cheers everyone and will keep you updated on progress :wink:


Re: Building a treehouse

Thank you so much for the update @Dan_M. So much to be proud of with this build. Even more incredible that you've managed to create all this on your own. You are definitely the Bunnings Workshop Treehouse Master! So grateful that you're sharing this story with us. Your creativity and ingenuity is inspiring.




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