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Concrete tabletop project

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Concrete tabletop project

I did a bit of research to find suitable materials for this project, so here's a quick overview that others can hopefully find useful.


Here's how the tabletop looks after coming out of the form and a quick sand.




To make the form, I used this melamine


The concrete I used is this one:


This reomesh


Silicone spray to ensure no sticking to the form


Silicone for rounding the corners of the form


Paint scraper set for rounding the silicone in the form


Cut the pieces of melamine, I made it so the concrete will be 40mm thick. The size was 2m x 1m. I needed 8 bags of concrete for this size.


Then screw the sides on.


Then run a thin bead of the silicone around the edges and round them using the scraper set.


This will mean the corners of the tabletop will be nicely rounded.




Prior to adding the concrete, ensure the melamine is clean, then spray all over using the silicone spray.


Mix up the concrete according to the instructions on the bags, I had to add an extra couple hundred mils of water to what it said to get it a nice consistency.


Fill the form up half to 3/4 with concrete.


I left the edges a bit longer so it was easy to grab onto to pull them off later.




Then you'll want to vibrate it a lot on the sides and bottom. I used a reciprocating saw with no blade in it, and ran it around the sides and underneath for about half an hour. You will see all the bubbles coming up. But otherwise you can use a rubber mallet, or even a hammer, you may have to do it longer to get good results.




Then add the reomesh. I needed slightly more than just the one sheet for the length, so I cut a bit off another sheet I already had.


Then fill up with the remainder of the concrete.


After that, vibrate again for as long as there's still bubbles coming up. I smoothed the surface a few times and vibrated again. Probably 45 mins or so of vibrating.


Then that's it for the casting, just smooth the surface as much as you want (it will be the bottom once you flip it, so it doesn't matter too much).


Cover it with plastic so it dries slowly. Might need a light spray each day for a couple of days. Then plastic back on.


Then remove the sides and flip it and remove the top. Sides and top came off super easy.


Then I wet it down and used 240 grit wet and dry to sand it, then 400 grit for final wet sanding.


After that I sealed it using penetrating sealer.




I'm super happy with how it turned out. It's really strong, doesn't have any flex when you lift it from the two ends.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Concrete tabletop project

Hello @markw


Thank you so much for sharing the photos and steps you took to build this amazing concrete benchtop. Often these types of benchtops have a melamine panel support underneath, which makes yours truly special as it can stand on its own. Can you please tell us the brand of sealer you used to achieve such a polished finish? 


Again, thank you so much for sharing such an inspirational project.




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Re: Concrete tabletop project

Thanks Eric! This is the sealer I used I couldn't find a suitable water based sealer at my local Bunnings, this was at my closest store that sells concrete sealers. I think any water based sealer like this one would give a similar finish.

I used a microfibre cloth and poured it onto the table and just rubbed it round as much as the table would take before it wasn't soaking in any more.

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Re: Concrete tabletop project

How did you flip the whole thing over? I'm looking to do the same thing but just slightly larger at 2.5m by 1m. But I'm worried about turning it over and how to do it. Your bench top looks amazing.

Home Improvement Guru

Re: Concrete tabletop project

Good afternoon @markw 

Far out! How good did that tabletop turn out! :smile: Ive wanted something like this for a long time but havnt seen a something as smoothly done as yours. Really worth having a go I'd say. My timber bench idea for my kitchen may have just been bumped! 

I really liked your explanation of how to do the project.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Concrete tabletop project

Hello @raygun 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about the concrete tabletop.


Let me tag @markw to make them aware of your kind words and question. I believe that the type of concrete used, and the Rio imbedded in the concrete has made it extremely strong. Plus, if you had several extra hands holding the table while being turned over would protect it from cracking. 


Please make sure to post an update on your project. I'm sure our members would be keen to see how you'll be building your concrete benchtop.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: Concrete tabletop project

Hey @raygun I got a friend to help and we carried it over to the grass and sat it on some bricks. With the sides of the form removed, the concrete could slide over and we flipped it on the grass over onto some other bricks, so it was still raised off the ground.

I would definitely recommend 4 people though if you can, it was very heavy for just 2, close to 200kg.

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