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Deck repair, new turf and screening

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Deck repair, new turf and screening


Sir Walter turf and  screening 



 removal of part of old decking



Origanl decking was tired and rotten. It was overly large as well. So I remove around 28sqm and layed lovely Sirr Walter buffalo turf in its place. I then repaired and renovated 14sqm of original decking and painted it in dark grey decking pain "Cabbots" . Came up a  real treat. Finally I covered old ugly timber fence  in great pvc screening . 


Reciprocating ryobi saw 

Ryobi one plus drill 

Ryobi one plus jig saw 

Ryobi one plus orbital sander 

Stanley staple gun 

And finally elbow grease ( asked at trade desk which isle its in , my friend  who is originally from Denmark did this.  It made my day and the trade desk team at my local bunnings as well.😆😆😆 )

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: decking removal and revamp and new turf and screen ugly

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @beecboy. It's terrific that you've decided to join us and many thanks for sharing this awesome transformation.


We get a lot of decking over the grassed areas, but not so many reverting decks back to lawn. You might like to let our members know a little about your project and the decisions you've made. Was it because there was limited grass left with all the decked areas? I must say I'm a great fan of your work and it would be nice to have such a lush grassed area now.


Did you run into any difficulties along the way?


Thanks again for sharing and we look forward to your next project. Please reach out anytime you need assistance or have something to share.




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