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Dog kennel advice

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Dog kennel advice

Hi, first time posting here :smile:

Would love some ideas please 🙏

I'm needing a dog kennel but I can't find anything to suit our needs so I may have to get creative. 


Colourbond, small patio and an awning for two kelpie x.

Colourbond steel would be suitable for a kennel to be chew proof & weather proof?

A patio would prevent alot of dirt, mud etc from going inside the kennel, also a place the dogs can lay down. 

The awning for shade and shelter from rain. 

I can upload a drawing or photo of what I'm after. Has any of you clever people made something like this?

I have thought about adding Colourbond to the outside of a cubby house or a kennel or even a childs bed frame called a "house bed" then adding my own awning and small patio. 

Would love to hear back, thanks


Re: dog kennel advice

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @-Mel. We're so happy you've joined us and thanks for this great conversation starter.


A drawing or photo of what you're after would definitely help @MitchellMc and @redracer01 to give you more specific advice. In the meantime here are a few dog kennel projects from our clever, creative community that might inspire your own project:

There is also a video with step-by-step directions on how to put together a timber kennel here




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: dog kennel advice

Hi @-Mel,


I can't wait to see a sketch of what you want to achieve. The step-by-step guide on how to build a dog kennel looks like a great place to start and even includes the corrugated roof you were after. You could also substitute the timber cladding sides for Colorbond. The Colorbond is definitely chew-proof and, if sealed correctly, would be waterproof. Just make sure you round any exposed corners over and where the sheets meet, you should clad the join with some timber. This will prevent your pups from injuring themselves.


I've been told that my pallet cubby house would make a great chicken coop, so I wouldn't be at all offended if you wished to turn it into a cute little dog house.


I look forward to following along with your project and providing assistance along the way.




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