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Fence help to ensure dog can't escape

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Fence help to ensure dog can't escape

my wife and I just moved to our first home and we are trying to make sure the dog cant escape! 

We want to add a fence or barrier running along the retaining wall in front of the hedge so he can't walk along it into a high garden bed that goes around the gate.

We are not sure how to best secure to the wall





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Re: Fence Help

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @banjo10. It's sensational to have you join us, and congratulations on your first home purchase.


Is there a fence post around the location you wish to place the barrier, and what size dog is it? If it is a small to medium-sized dog, I feel the simplest solution would be to stack Besser blocks on top of the wall right in the corner. These are quite heavy, and I don't see a dog getting past them easily. Just make sure you stack them high enough to prevent the dog from jumping over them.


If there is a fence post, then you can take some Lattice Makers 1800 x 900mm Mahogany Oriental Timber Screen and screw it directly into the timber post in a few locations. If it is still wobbly, then you could add an angled bracket into the top of the retaining wall for a secondary location to fix onto. You can attach the bracket to the block wall with a Dynabolt.


I'm sure you have other things on your mind after recently moving in, but what do you intend to use this area for? The Besser blocks might be a good temporary solution, though you might wish to add some Treated Pine Outdoor Timber Framing 70 x 45mm battens to the fence and then attach some really nice screening panels on top. Depending on how far back the fence is from the wall, the additional thickness of the framing timber and panel might be enough to stop the dog from walking on the ledge. That way, the problem is solved, and you've also created yourself a lovely area to place a three-piece setting and relax.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have questions.




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Re: Fence help to ensure dog can't escape

Hello @banjo10 


You could possibly erect a temporary fence until you are in better position to add height to the retaining wall. You can drive some Whites 135cm Premium Black Ultrapost in to the ground with a hammer and use Whites 90cm x 10m x 75mm x 50mm General Purpose Project Mesh. You can then attach the mesh to the post using Whites 1.25mm x 50m Galvanised Handyman Tie Wire. Using a standard pair of pliers you can twist tie the galvanized wire at the top, middle and bottom to make sure that it is secure. As long as the fence is close enough to your retaining wall, your dog even if he/she can climb the retaining wall he should not be able to balance and force it to return to the lower area. I've posted the pictures below for your reference.





Screenshot_2021-05-07 Whites 135cm Premium Black Ultrapost(1).pngScreenshot_2021-05-07 Whites 90cm x 10m x 75mm x 50mm General Purpose Project Mesh.pngScreenshot_2021-05-07 Whites 1 25mm x 50m Galvanised HandyPak Tie Wire.png

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